Displacement Memo

Brother’s and Sister’s

Last week in Tubular the company put out a “Displacement Memo” and it says below,

Due to economic conditions, we will be reducing the workforce in Tubular and Maintenance. As a result, the following employees will be impacted by this reduction and will be displaced effective end of shift November 28, 2020.
As per Article 12.10 (m) Displaced Employees, and in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between U.S.W. Local 5890 and Evraz Inc. Na., in the event that an employee cannot retain a position in their own line, or a job which is not within a line of progression, a displaced employee may apply (by filling out a bump form) for another job. A displaced employee wishing to exercise their bumping rights must do so within ten (10) calendar days from the time of displacement

Let us be clear, under 12.10 [l]

Production and Maintenance Employees Only
In the event of cutback or lay-off, an employee shall be
deemed to have the right to a position that is lower in that line
of progression and will regress down their line to a position
which they can hold. You shall regress as you progress and
progress as you regress.

Another words you are not Displaced until you can not hold in your Line of Progression.