Election Notice

Considering that the Sask Party and their leader are now openly musing about bringing in “Right-to-Work” legislation and considering allowing for workers to have the “option of voluntarily paying union dues” (or opting out) the labour movement  needs to pull out all of the stops to get as many non-Sask Party candidates elected next Monday. This kind of legislation has in the past in other jurisdictions  caused the elimination of Unions which generally lowers every workers rights in the workplace.

In Saskatchewan,that means voting NDP, and electing NDP MLA’s.

Several NDP campaigns are in the need of workers/volunteers in this final week of theelection.  They especially need people on the ground doing work on election day, inside scrutineers, outside scrutineers, drivers, etc.

There are at least 20 NDP candidates who come directly out of the memberships of unions in this province.  We need to get these people elected to stop the anti-union and destructive agenda of the Sask. Party.

Feel free to contact me at the Union Office 569-9663 or via email princejake@live.ca and I will help you getin contact with your area NDP candidate. As well, please canvass your membership for members who are willing to volunteer and have them contact me.

In Solidarity,

Roger Flahr