Evraz’s use of the Article 12.13

In light of Evraz’s recent implementation of Article  12.13 every member should be reminded that article 15.05 (last paragraph) applies. If you shift is cancelled you do not have to report for work if the Company changes its mind. If you do decide to work a cancelled shift it is at double time rate.

Article 15.05

Reporting Allowance If the work for which the employee was scheduled to report is not available, or if there is no substitute work for him which is within his reasonable capacity to perform, and which is not of such nature as to involve material change in the employee’s working conditions, he shall be paid nevertheless for four (4) hours of work. The rate of pay shall be the standard hourly rate and any shift premium or out-of-line differential that applied. If he refuses such substitute work, he shall not get the four (4) hours reporting pay. If the work for which the employee was scheduled would have been paid for at overtime rates, he shall receive four (4) hours reporting pay at the applicable overtime rate. The Company shall not be liable for reporting pay if it has notified the employee not to report to work at least four (4) hours in advance of his scheduled reporting time, or if the failure to provide work is caused through a natural disaster or power disruption.

If an employee is told not to report to work for his regular shift, the employee will consider that shift cancelled and if he is called to work before his next regular shift, he will be paid two (2) times his hourly rate.