February bargaining update


Brothers and Sisters,


On February 14th your bargaining committee met with the company for 4 days of local non-monetary issues .Over those 4 days we were able to sign off on some language articles and what was left will be dealt with at main table common bargaining with the Calgary bargaining committee{USW 6673}  The Calgary committee will be meeting with the company on March 7th to 10th to discuss their remaining local non-monetary issues.

On March 1st and 2nd both committee’s are meeting to go over our common non-monetary proposals before we meet with the company on March 21st to the 24th to discuss common issues.

As we mentioned at our pre bargaining meetings, we will be sending out monetary surveys in the next couple weeks. Please take the time to fill those out and get them back to us.


In solidarity,




Your Local 5890 Bargaining Committee