Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have benefits when I am laid off?
A: Yes for three months.

Q: Can I pay the premiums for benefits after the three months of the USW negotiated premiums?
A: Yes, up to an additional three months.

Q: What is the cost of paying my own premiums for myself and my family after three months of layoff
A: For a single person it is $126.11/month.  For a family it is $302.63/month. (See Art. 17.08)

Q: Can I count my hours at any time to calculate overtime on continuous shift
A: No, only if there is a shift change or the designated 14th/dead shift day is changed  in the 28 day period

Q; If my shift is changed and one of regular days falls on the 14th/dead shift am I entitled to the overtime pay on that day
A: Yes

Q: Can Evraz change my shift for the following week after Tuesday?
A: Yes. But they have to do it by Thursday and it can only be changed because something unforeseen occurs.

Q: Can Evraz change my shift after Thursday for the following week for any reason?
A: No. You can work the new hours proposed by Evraz if you wish but you are entitled to overtime rates for all hours that fall on your days off on the proper schedule.

Q:  When does a week start and finish for scheduling?
A: Sunday to Saturday.

Q: Do I accrue pension hours while injured and receiving compensation from WCB.
A: Yes.

Q: What does the Ben Soc on our pay cheques mean?
A: It is essentially a little disability non profit insurance society funded by members of 5890, 5917 and 6717 to supplement the negotiated Short Term Disability plan.

Q: How do I do I claim benefits from the Benefit Society?
A: Bring your statement from Great West Life when on short term disability to the Union office at #26 395 Park Street.

Q: How much does the Benefit Society pay?
A: 100 dollars a week or 14.28 per day