SOAR (Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees)


Pension Assistance Services

**If you have any questions about your payments or benefits, please contact a RBC Dexia Investor Services specialist by calling 1-800-668-1320 from Canada or the United States, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.**

S.O.A.R. – We are an organization of Union Retirees within the framework of the United Steelworkers Union as well as members of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada and the Saskatchewan Federation of Union Retirees.

Our Chapter represents any retired Steelworker in Southern Saskatchewan.  Retired members of this local and others in the area are welcomed and encouraged to join.  We were formed in 1994 and are comprised currently of about 130 retirees and their spouses.

Our mandate is much the same as that of a regular local union which is to serve and inform our members. We provide information on a number of important topics such as:

* Assisting newly retired members to secure medical benefits within 60 days of retirement.

* Basic pension & benefit questions.

* Elder care, elder abuse concerns.

* Cost of pharmaceuticals.

* Financial planning consultation.

* Support of various charities/organizations in the community through fund raising.

Our members feel that they were union members then and remain so today. Therefore, some of the most important aspects of our organization, is to continue to provide a means of association for our members that they enjoyed with one another while employed.  We have a great amount of expertise, experience and knowledge that we are proud to share with the next generation of Steelworkers.

We also continue to have a strong connection with our Steelworker locals. This is fundamental to us so that we may continue to provide service or function that is helpful to them such as assisting in education, political action, strike support and retirement advice when called upon.

A yearly membership is only $12 single, $15 per couple or $3 for a spouse. A spouse has full membership privileges. Funding for our organization is completely depended on membership dues and the good will of the USW locals in our area.  We are required through by laws to remit 70% of our dues to the International Organization for administration and service.

Yours in Solidarity, Dennis Carrigan,

President, Chapter #19, S.O.A.R.