Canadian Pacific Engine 3101

Does the steam locomotive in this video look familiar. It was bought for scrap by Interprovincial Pipe and Steel in 1960 but they decided to put on rails and add it as an attraction for the park which at that time was private for employees only. Pay attention to the video at the 11:50 mark.

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  1. This feature is erroneous and misleading. Ex-CPR K1a 4-8-4 “Northern” type No. 3101 was not bought for scrap but specifically for display. (IPSCO did buy 45 ex-CNR engines for scrap, one of which it decided too late to preserve, because its fuel tender had already been scrapped.) Locomotive No. #3101 was acquired in 1965, not 1960 as stated. I was the individual who chose it and later wrote a monograph on its history titled “History of the 3101”.

  2. The engine looks very much deteriorated and neglected. This is a tragedy. Some cleaning and painting along with some preservation materials is not a herculean task . Why is it relegated to just being a relic for the mounting of Christmas lighting?
    Harvey Johnson

  3. Such a sad fate for such an impressive piece of machinery. As Mr. Johnson commented, such restorative efforts take so little. Or is it simply the wish of the current caretaker to simply wait until it’s too late then simply cut her up for scrap?

  4. Hi guys
    I am building a live steam model of this locomotive and need some pictures of the tender from both sides to see the ladder on the fireman’s side and the rivets details on the tender. If someone is able to take pictures and email them to me would be appreciated.
    Thanks Shane Carr.

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