Grievance Resolutions

Union and management met earlier today and resolved 4 grievances that were pending arbitration.

 A one day suspension reduced to a written warning.

Three written warnings withdrawn by the Company and removed from the affected members personal records. 

Also discussed were Kronos grievances regarding time keeping and coffee pots/radios. There was no movement by the Company on their position to either of these and arbitration dates remain scheduled.  

The Union is awaiting responses from the Company on other grievances that were discussed and we have been assured those will be forthcoming within a week.

Other grievances recently resolved were for a member who has been paid overtime while contractors did bargaining unit work. A member has been paid for time missed after wrongfully being sent home for not completing a 6S form. A scheduled arbitration was resolved for a previously employed trades member regarding payment for rate increases in the current CBA who did not receive his proper raise. Your Local is working hard to resolve all grievances in advance of arbitration.

Solidarity Wins!