Brothers and Sisters,

Your executive would like to remind everyone that all employees have the right to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment. If you have any questions about the process please look at article 1.01 and Appendix “G” of the collective agreement.

Harassment can be defined as any action {verbal,psychological or physical} on a single or repeated basis which humiliates, insults or degrades and is known or thought reasonably to be known to be known to be unwelcome by the victim of the harassment.

Harassment can include but is not limited to; unwanted comments, slurs, racist or sexist jokes, pictures or posters, bullying or intimidation, graffiti,physical contact of any kind, remarks about a person’s appearance or personal life, unwelcome sexual advances or demands, suggestive looks or ¬†gestures.

We can’t make people like each other. But we can, through concrete action, promote mutual respect for one another. Let’s all work together to show one another respect.


In Solidarity.