Health Spending Account


The Union and company had a discussion regarding the Health Spending Account this week and it appears the company has a new interpretation of eligibility come layoffs. The company believes that upon layoff, if the employee pays their premiums for major medical and dental benefits from months 4 to 6 their Health Spending Account will continue, if not you have no access to it. The company was informed this local in no way agrees with this interpretation.

Article 17.10 states,

For all employees active on the
seniority list who have completed at least 750 hours of work
in the previous calendar year, the Employer will contribute
$100 to the employees individual Health Spending Account
by January 1 of each calendar year

That right there makes you eligible for your Health Spending Account. You work the 750 hours, $100 goes into your account. When asked what will happen to each individuals $100 the company had no response. This fund was developed when the Local caught the company with their “hand in the cookie jar” regarding E.I rebates. Looks as if they maybe trying this again.