Job Evaluation Committee

* Note- by USW constitution the local president is a defacto member of all committees’s

 Article 16 Job Evaluation Committee
1. A Job Evaluation Committee shall be established and will be responsible for determining job classes in
the event that the Company chooses to modify duties of an existing position or create a new position.
2. The Committee will consist of four (4) members from the Union and four (4) members from the
3. When it is necessary for the Job Evaluation Committee to meet to carry out its duties, the Union
members of the Committee shall be provided leaves as outlined in Article 13.10.
4. The Job Evaluation Committee will meet within thirty days should there be a modification to an
existing position or a new position is created. During the meeting, the Company will provide the
Committee a written description of how it intends to modify an existing job or a complete description
of a proposed new job. The description shall include:
a) The requirements of such new or modified job in the areas of physical demand, training, skill,
responsibility, and working environment;
b) The Company’s view as to how these requirements compare to the requirements of existing
jobs at the plant; and
c) Based on paragraphs (a) and (b) above, at what rate the Company proposes for the position.
5. The Job Evaluation Committee shall be provided with any additional information requested in
connection with its assessment of the new or modified job.
6. In the event that a position is evaluated at a higher rate of pay, employees in that position shall receive
back pay retroactive to the date the job was modified or the introduction of the new position.
7. If the parties cannot agree on a job class, either party can advance to an Expedited Arbitrator to make
a binding non-precedent setting decision. A revised proposal from each party will be submitted to the
Arbitrator. It is incumbent on both parties to explain their proposal to the Arbitrator.
The parties agree that Ken Stevenson will be the sole Expedited Arbitrator for the Job Evaluation
8. The Arbitrator shall base their decision on the requirements of the new or modified job and how those
requirements compare to the requirements for the existing jobs at the plant covered under this
agreement. The Arbitrator must pick one of the two proposals. Compromise decisions will not be