Labour/Management Meeting

Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday members from your Executive, along with members from Executive members from USW6673[ Calgary] and Staff Reps Keith Turcotte and Patrick Veinot met with Human Resources Management from both plants and the Director of Human Resources John Demarco. The Union from both plants voiced our concerns over the company’s handling, or lack there of, of grievances, the grievance process in general and the lack of accountability on their managers. We pointed out that in Regina, it’s an average of over 40 days before the local gets any communication at all from the company and how could we still possibly be waiting for responses on over 40 grievances? The company feels there has been progress made but both locals strongly disagree. The Company has committed to an improvement and both sides agreed to set up more meetings to deal with these and other issues in more of immediate fashion. We told them we have heard all this before and the proof will be in the pudding and with bargaining on the horizon, the ball is in their court to make the improvements needed.