Lay off Update March 10 2020

The Union had a meeting with the Company and received an update regarding the ongoing issues surrounding the shutdown in Steel and Pipe.


The Company has made up a bumping and placement document that people can use to determine where they are working and where they may be able to bump during the layoff or cutback. Please refer to the following document.

Please note this document is a work in progress. Namely there are two positions below the bump line in the greaser position that are missing.
As of today the Company states they intend to run the skeleton crew until around April 1st and then starting operations in the Meltshop and then starting operations on April 15 in the Rolling mill.


There will be another meeting regarding the Pipe Division at 1 pm tomorrow. We will update further after that meeting.


If you are applying for EI at Service Canada or online please DO NOT check the box that it is a group layoff. This will slow down your claim according to the Company.