Layoff Update March 12

You local is trying to get the most up to date information to you our members as quickly as possible and as we get it from the company. The company was going to send us the updates bumping schedules in Steel every morning which we have no received as of yet and will get posted once we do.


We met with the company yesterday and have been waiting for the schedule from the company as well. It is our understanding that recalls have been happening for the Mill 5 and F2 areas which they hope to have up and going either Thursday[12th] or Friday[13th] and the Legacy Mills and F1 Monday[16th]. Expectation is for the 2 inch Mill for Wednesday[18th]. If you feel there is an issue and you should have been back before a junior employee please contact a shop steward or email all the information to either or or

We our also compiling names of individuals who were not contacted withing the cancellation of their shift under 15.05 [reporting pay]. This applies to all departments. So please get in touch with a shop steward or member of the Executive.