Local Union Executive Member Steps Down

Brother Doug Massier has stepped down from all positions he currently holds within the local including Treasurer. He has dedicated many years and sacrificed his personal time in serving his fellow Brothers & Sisters as a Steelworker union activist. During this time he has held many positions within the local that will positively impact members for many years to come. Thank you Brother for all you have done!

Thus the process of selecting a new Treasurer According to the Local By-Laws has begun. Article V Section 1(d)(5) & Section 1(d)(6) along with the Local Union Elections Manual Article VIII (Vacancy Provisions) states. The remaining local union officers shall, by majority vote, select a successor to serve for the remainder of the term. Local By-Laws Article IV Section 1 states. That Local union officers are the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer (vacant), Guide, (2) Guards and (3) Trustees. These officers will have the responsibility of selecting and voting on a replacement.

This local will continue to function as usual while the process of selecting a new Treasurer is assessed.

In Solidarity!