May 19 Bargaining Update

On May 19, 2016 your Bargaining Committee met with the Company representatives’ and officially opened bargaining by exchanging Non-monetary and Common Non-monetary proposals. The meeting started with a detailed presentation by the Company outlining the state of the Pipe and Steel industry and its impact on Evraz. The Company finished the presentation with a plea to work together to reduce costs and improve flexibility, to put us in the best position possible to be competitive in the market.

The Union inquired if the new Evraz/Wasco plant being built in Regina would be part of the negotiations. The Company emphatically refused to add this to the agenda and ended the conversation with the statement similar to: If you want that plant Unionized, go ask Wasco.

Your Bargaining Committee emphasized that the relationship between the Company and its employees has not improved. In part, because of the lack of a printed CBA from the last set of negotiations and the ongoing lack of respect for employees by some supervisors. Due to the Company’s continued delay tactics and their unwillingness to settle issues in a timely manner, there is an accumulated list of outstanding grievances.

We are looking forward to having a printed Collective Agreement (CBA) prior to our next bargaining meeting scheduled in Regina for June 1, 2016.