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USW 5890 Unanimously Endorse District 3 Director Hunt.

USW 5890 Members,

In accordance with the International elections manual, nomination meetings were held on Sept 20/2021. Members of USW 5890 unanimously endorsed the current District 3 Director Steve Hunt. There was no nomination for the challenger, Scott Lunny.

Each candidate must receive endorsement from 10 District locals which both have achieved. As such on Nov 23rd there will be an election for the position of District 3 Director. More information of the election will be posted here and at the plant.

In solidarity

Mike Day.

October Bargaining Dates


We have secured dates to continue bargaining with the company on Oct 4th,5th and 6th to address local issues.

We have also secured the last 2 weeks of October for bargaining. Please keep in mind some of this may have some impact depending on the Provinces Health guidelines. Our goal is to have face to face bargaining but we may have to adjust accordingly.

2nd quarter profit sharing

2nd Quarter Results
Our financial performance for the second quarter of 2021 resulted in profit-sharing payments for employees under the plan. The payout will be $1.63 per eligible hour bonus payment for qualifying employees deposited into your bank account by August 29, 2021.

Our second-quarter results were positively impacted by continued strong market demand for steel. As a result, the average selling price for Regina steel third-party products was higher than the first quarter. OCTG market also continued to see a strong market recovery from the downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a result, Calgary’s remaining mills opened at the end of the quarter, with full ramp-up expected in Q3.

Partially offsetting the increase in steel sales is lower sales volume in Tubular due to low market demand for large diameter pipe; spiral mills in Regina remained idled in the quarter and for the rest of the year.

Looking forward, we continue to work on improving our operational performance with a focus on the quality of the products we produce, controlling costs, and delivering on our commitments to our customers

Matthew Perkins, Senior Vice-President , Canadian Operations

July Bargaining Update

 To our Members,

  On July 12,13 and 14th your 5890 local bargaining committee met with the company and went over our local non-monetary proposals. We’ve been able to proceed into the bargaining process with both the company and union working together to resolve the Tubular Layoff and Recall grievances. Final numbers on those are almost complete, those owed money will be contacted.

Over the 3 days we were able to come to agreement on new language for Articles 8.03,8.05,8.08[a],9.09[ii],12.13,14.01,15.02,18.07, Appendix E, Appendix A and the Inter-Divisional Transfer LOU.  At the table for the company is John Demarco{ lead negotiator], Keith Marchtaller [Tubular], Scott Venables [Steel], Colleen Ackerman [ HR]  and Breanne Ehman[ HR].

Further dates have not been committed to at this time. Once we have further bargaining dates you will be informed.
  In solidarity,

                 Local 5890 Bargaining Committee

Updated Interplant Transfer Memo.

Please be advised that EVRAZ Calgary has two positions available as follows:
 Material Handler (1)
 Millwright (1)
All expenses will be the responsibility of the interested employee.

Given the current layoff status, and in accordance with Article 12.15 (Interplant Trans-fers), “opportunity will be afforded to laid-off members from Regina prior to the hiring of new employees”.

Please contact Allison Cherkewich at or (306) 924-7428 as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for one of these positions.

Bargaining Update


After many cancellations due to Covid restrictions we are pleased to inform our membership we have confirmed dates with the company to begin the bargaining process. On June 21st both the Regina and Calgary bargaining committee’s will meet and June 22nd to 24th we will be exchanging proposals with the company.

We have also confirmed June 28-30 for Regina specific bargaining.

With the Provinces restrictions being eased and with the re-opening plan moving ahead, we expect these dates to remain in tact.

C.O.L.A clarification

Recently, the company sent out a release dated May 21, 2021 dealing with COLA adjustments for bargaining unit employees at the Regina and Calgary plants. This is to advise that the release was sent out in error.

Pursuant to the Regina and Calgary Collective agreements, the COLA amount of $1.33 was rolled into the base pay effective 7-31-2020 for employees covered under the existing agreements. According to such agreements and established practice, COLA payouts were discontinued effective 7-31-20 and during subsequent negotiations of the renewal agreements.

Please disregard the release dated 5-21-21 dealing with COLA adjustments and the company apologizes for the misunderstanding.

Ian Finn

Congratulations to Tubular Millright Ian Finn on reaching the 50 year milestone. Ian started with Ipsco on May 7, 1971.

Congratulations Ian on this accomplishment.

Solidarity Brother!

Opportunities to Transfer to Steel Division

In a follow up to an early post regarding Interdivisional Transfers, the Company is now looking for 16 permanent positions and 27 temporary production positions. As well as 2 maintenance positions. The below attachments are for those transfers and shows how to apply.

If you are making application for a transfer, please specify if you are applying for permanent, temporary or both.

Covid vaccine info

COVID-19 post!! I just want to in form our membership that now that Vaccine ages are starting to hit more of the average age around the plant that there is Special Vaccination leave and that all workers are allowed to leave work for 3 consecutive hours to get this done. I sent a email to our head of HR March 23rd to ask them to send a memo out to the frontline supervisors so that they aware of this and potentially have to schedule some kind of coverage. To this date I have never seen a memo come from HR stating anything and I will also be bringing this up in our steel OH&S meeting next week. If anyone has any issue with this let someone in the Union know or call me at 675. This is law they have to let you go!
Also with notifications of Covid the company has a covid response plan that states right in there about including the OH&S committee on positive cases, however the refuse to have us involved as repeated please to be involved. Keep in mind this is their policy not the law, we have had the OH&S branch here and I have told them this and again they also seem to be puzzled why they say they will involve us but choose to not have us involved, again he can’t force them as it’s not law. I brought us that it’s our rights as workers to the Right To Know. What we get now is a email mate the next day sent to Mike day and our staff rep Patrick. My stance on it is no one wants to know the name of the person we just want some information for mental health of “oh the is a positive case in say the pipeside 24” , so maybe that give someone a bit of relief that I work in steel I don’t feel like I am touching everything the positive case touched.
Next week I will also ask them with our SHA people on site if they will try to give vaccine shots at the medical trailer for ease for people on site as we have so many people around here.
I am told that our SHA person also has been telling people on the floor that when we have a new case that they will be posted on the tv screens at the Hilton again no one has included us in this information and I am not sure if that is true but I will also be asking that in the OH&S meeting.
Stay safe and everyone needs to do their own part here, I know there is sanitizers around here but me personally I don’t rely on anyone, wipe your own area down, wipe down where you are going to eat.
I am usually not on Facebook and came back on to post this information and my messenger still works if you need to talk or ask me a question, I will probably have a look for comments over the course of the weekend but messenger or 675 or 3065363282 if you wanna shoot me a text.

Scott Trenaman

Interdivisional Transfers


Yesterday afternoon members from your Executive met with the Company regarding the possibility of Interdivisional Transfers from Tubular to Steel.

The Company is going to be looking for 8 Permanent Production Employees, 1 Heavy Duty Mechanic and either an Electrical Technician or Instrument Technician. They will also be looking for 27 Temporary positions for vacation relief.

A rough start date will begin in May. Once we have an agreed to Letter with the Company we will post on this site.