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Please be advised that EVRAZ Calgary has following position available:

Millwright Position (1)

All expenses will be the responsibility of the interested employee.
Given the current layoff status, and in accordance with Article 12.15 (Interplant Trans-fers), “opportunity will be afforded to laid-off members from Regina prior to the hiring of new employees”.

Please contact Dana El-kerm at or 587-436-6384 by February 9, 2024 if you would like to be considered for this position.

2024 Bargaining Survey


The 2024 Bargaining surveys are now out! If you are signed up for the text program you should have received a survey through text. There are also paper copies distributed throughout the plant and copies left at the Hilton. If you are filling out the paper copy, please return that to the survey box at the Hilton.

Please take time to fill out the surveys, this is your chance to set the direction of the bargaining committee.

In Solidarity

Temporary Interdivisional Transfer


The Company and Union have agreed to ten (10) temporary Inter Divisional Transfers to the Steel Division. Both parties agree this opportunity will be afforded to the most senior Tubular employees. These employees will have the right to return to the Tubular Division based on their plant seniority.

This LOU is in effect the next day following the signing of this document and will end on March 31, 2024.

HR will be in contact with individuals starting with the most senior, each person will have 7 days to consider the transfer with anticipated training starting on Feb 5/2024. This opportunity is for ALL Tubular and not just those on layoff. These transfers are considered Steel Helpers and do not have rights to bid or be placed in preferred positions.

Financial Clarifications


It has come to my attention that there has been false rumors being spread regarding finances that pertain to the local, the District and the National offices and I would like to set things straight.

This local has, is and will assist both the National and District offices in regards to training, instructing, organizing, etc. Historically, the local has and continues to have a standing motion to be reimbursed by either office.

What does that mean? It means that any individual taken off work for work with the National or District office is paid by the local and then the local is reimbursed for all expenses and lost time. If there are any questions please reach out to myself (Mike Day) or one of the Financial Officers; Tory Sand, Dana Franklin ( on leave), Kimberly Roberts( temporary covering Dana). As noted at every membership meeting, if any member wishes to see the Financial they can do so by making an appointment at the office.

Anti-harassment Training

The District is offering Anti-harassment training in Saskatoon from March 11- March 15, 2024. If anyone is interested please email Registration deadline is Feb 9. We will be seeking a motion at the Jan 15th membership meeting so please respond ASAP if interested.

The local is also looking for another Anti-harassment officer. If interested please email as well.

Vacation Overpayments


On Tuesday the company informed the Union that there has been a significant vacation overpayment issue across Canadian operations.

In Regina, it is roughly $131,000 overpaid to 42 members. Individuals will be receiving letters from the company in the new year. HR and the Union will then have meetings with each member to discuss repayment options in the new year as well. Do not sit down and agree to any repayment plan without Union representation. There needs to be mutual agreement on a plan.

If you are one of the members who has been over payed and receives a letter from Evraz and have any questions, please call Mike Day at the office 306-569-9663.

USW Support Staff


Since the retirement of Denise (USW Support Staff) in January, the District has been filling the position of support staff with a Temporary Contractor. Currently the District is in the process of hiring a new Support Staff which hopefully will be in place right after the new year.

Please keep in mind that the Support Staff position the District is hiring for is a Part- time position at 25 hours a week.

C.O.L.A update

The CPI figure for October was released on November 21, 2023. Per the Collective Agreement, the following calculation will apply:

July 2023 161.1
Oct 2023 160.6
Difference (0.5)
Divide difference by .063 = ($0.07)

Effective December 3, 2023, COLA will be $3.02 per straight-time hour worked, as it was previously $3.09.

Bargaining 2024


In the New Year your local will be sending out Bargaining Surveys to the membership. If you haven’t signed up for the text messaging program, please do so to receive the link via text. To sign up Text 5890 to the number 32323 and follow the steps.

We will also have paper copies out at the plant if you prefer those. Please take the time to fill out and submit. This is your opportunity to give direction to the bargaining committee.

In Solidarity!

3rd Quarter Profit Sharing

3rd Quarter Results
Our financial performance for the third quarter of 2023 resulted in profit-sharing payments for employees under the plan. The payout will be a $1.55 per eligible hour bonus payment for qualifying employees deposited into your bank account by November 14, 2023.

Our financial performance for the quarter was impacted by an increase in 3rd party sales volume, lower average selling prices and favorable foreign exchange adjustment impact for the quarterly profit-sharing plan calculation.

OCTG and line pipe sales volume slightly increased compared to the previous quarter; however, it was lower than the first quarter volume mainly due to the continued impact of imported pipe on the ground in Canada at a much lower price and distributors’ concerns regarding their inventory carrying cost due to higher borrowing costs, therefore, reducing their orders for the third quarter to manage their inventory levels. Regina steel third-party shipment slightly increased, offset by a reduction in Portland slab shipment because of softening in the flat market.

Overall, average selling prices were lower for the quarter for both flat and OCTG products. Regina Tubular’s 24″ and spiral mills remained idle, and we ran at reduced crewing levels at some of our production facilities in Alberta.

Looking Forward
We must continue to focus on improving our safety performance, stopping unsafe work, and reporting all near misses; doing these will help us have a better safety performance.

The flat products market is showing signs of softening, and as a result, we are seeing lower slab shipments to Portland in the fourth quarter. We plan to substitute the lower slab shipment with OCTG volume from our Tubular mills and third-party sales out of Regina Steel.
We must continue to control operational performance with a focus on the quality of our products, controlling costs, and delivering on our commitments to our customers

Romanow, Ron

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our father, Ron Romanow. He passed on September 16, 2023 after fighting cancer, with his sister, Kathy, and his daughter, Holly, by his side.

Ron is survived by his son and daughter, Brad and Holly, and his sisters, Kathy Lewko and Olive Kotylak.

Ron had a generous heart and was a good friend to many people. He worked at EVRAZ, formerly IPSCO, as an electronic technician for 32 years. Being on the farm was his happy place, and he loved his Vega race car. He was a dedicated child of God, and we know he is in a better place, at peace on the farm.

Please join us for Ron’s Celebration of Life at the Rock of the Valley Community Church on September 21, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The church is located at 10 Short Street in Lumsden, SK.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to Allan Blair Cancer Centre, 4101 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 7T1.

The burial will be at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery on September 22, 2023. We will gather at the hall at 12:00 p.m. and the burial will take place at 2:30 p.m. To get to the church from Candiac, SK, drive one mile south and turn right. Head west on this road for 2.5 miles and the cemetery and church will be visible on your right. Please feel free to attend the Celebration of Life, the burial or both.

August 2023 COLA Memo

The CPI figure for April was released on August 15, 2023. Per the Collective Agreement, the following calculation will apply:

                         April 2023                              160.4

                        July 2023                                161.1

                        Difference                                      .7

                        Divide difference by .063 =   $0.11

Effective August 27, 2023, COLA will be $3.09 per straight-time hour worked, as it was previously $2.98.


Sask Government Meeting


On Aug 9th,2023 , your President Mike Day, along with Paul Chevrier (5917 President), Patrick Veinot (staff), Darrin Kruger (Area coordinator staff) and Patrick Rodigues (staff) met with Minister Morgan and Carr from the Saskatchewan Government, members of Crown investment Corp and other officials from Crown Corporations. We focused on the current layoffs at Evraz and the use of local steel in Provincial procurement projects. Below is a follow up letter to that meeting.

Hon. Don Morgan, K.C.

Minister of Crown Investments Corporation

Legislative Buildings

Regina, Sask S4S 0B3

Hon. Lori Carr

Minister of SaskBuilds and Procurement
Legislative Buildings

Regina, Sask S4S 0B3

Dear Ministers:

Thank you for meeting with the United Steelworkers (USW) representatives on August 9, 2023. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can work with the provincial government and Crown Corporations to develop procurement policies that better support Saskatchewan workers and businesses. In particular, our focus was our members in Local Unions 5890 and 5917 who are currently laid off from their jobs at Evraz Regina steel plant.

We welcomed your interest in ways to not only expand direct procurement opportunities for steel produced in Regina, but also in developing improved procurement policies and promoting our products globally. Our members will also appreciate your support in trade complaints to address the influx of cheap, lower quality steel from international sources.

To address specific concerns, our team, in collaboration with Evraz management, will work towards meeting Sask Water and Sask Energy requirements for pipe and other products being considered by Crown Corporations. We also understand that developing a new procurement policy that can navigate internal and international trade laws requires a deft hand and determined focus. As you shared, Buy USA policies present a huge challenge. However, this can be an opportunity to examine and build similar policies that prioritize Saskatchewan workers and businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed our collective reliance on “just in time” supply chains and essential goods produced overseas. Establishing a strong made-in-Saskatchewan procurement policy will help mitigate that, and better secure and promote Saskatchewan as a modern, manufacturing province. 

While we acknowledge the ongoing sale of Evraz’s North American operations, we remain confident in the long-term prospects of our facilities. Our longstanding labour-management relationship, which predates the current ownership, assures us of our ability to address any challenges alongside local and regional management. We are committed to working closely with them and your offices to create impactful marketing materials that can promote our steel globally through the Government’s international trade offices.

We plan to share the details of our discussions and our shared confidence in the abilities of Saskatchewan’s workforce with our members. We believe there is a shared confidence in Saskatchewan workers to not only manufacture high quality steel and other goods, but also offer the people of Saskatchewan value for their investment. I look forward to working with you and our members in Saskatchewan to follow up on these issues.


Scott Lunny


cc:      Sean Wilson, Chief of Staff for Minister Lori Carr

            Kyle Toffan, Deputy Minister, Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement

Rupen Pandya, President & CEO, SaskTel

Rhea Brown, Executive VP – Customer Experience and Procurement SaskPower

Doug Matthies, President & CEO, SaskWater

Mark H.J. Guillet, President & CEO, SaskEnergy

Christine Short, VP & CFO, SaskEnergy

Tim Highmoor, VP, Crown Investment Corporation, Government of Saskatchewan

Erin Connelly, Director, Strategy & Planning, CIC

Shara McCormick, VP HR & Corporate Services, Sasktel

Mike Day, President USW Local 5890

Paul Chevrier, President, USW Local 5917

Darrin Kreuger, Area Co-ordinator

Patrick Veinot, Staff Representative

Patrick Rodrigues, Staff Representative

Jessie Uppal, Staff Representative

2nd Quarter Profit Sharing Results

Our financial performance for the first quarter of 2023 resulted in profit-sharing payments for employees under the plan. The payout will be a $0.86 per eligible hour bonus payment for qualifying employees deposited into your bank account by August 15, 2023.
Our financial performance for the quarter was impacted by the slowdown in demand for our OCTG and line pipe products; this is mainly due to a high inventory of imported pipes on the ground at a much lower price. We also saw the oil & gas seasonal spring break-up return this year, leading to lower demand for OCTG products. Regina Tubular’s 24” and spiral mills remained idle, and we ran at reduced crewing levels at some of our production facilities in Alberta.
With the reduced demand for OCTG and line pipe products, third-party sales at Regina Steel increased compared to the prior quarter. Portland slab was also produced and shipped with any available capacity.
Thank you all for your continued dedication and performance. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
Looking Forward
First and foremost, we must continue focusing on improving our safety performance. We have a long way to go before we reach our safety goals. A strong focus this year on stopping unsafe work and reporting all near misses will help us get there.
We are starting to see the softening of the flat market, which may impact the slab shipment volume to Portland. However, we expect the OCTG & line pipe market to improve later in the third quarter as distributors deplete their on-ground inventory of imported pipes.
We must continue to improve our operational performance with a focus on the quality of the products we produce, controlling costs, and delivering on our commitments to our customers.

Labour Canvass

Thursday, July 27
5:30 – 7:00
NDP Campaign Office – 868 Argyle St N

Pizza to follow (sponsored by CUPE SK)

Are you a first-timer? No worries! We’ll ease you into it by pairing you with an experienced canvasser to see how it’s done.
Are you an experienced labour activist? Bring a friend!

Total Rewards Statements – USW Enclosures


Evraz will be mailing out your Total Rewards statements in the coming weeks. With that, you’ll be receiving a Pension Plan Booklet as well as a Beneficiary Designation Form. At some point everyone would have filled out a beneficiary designation form but regardless, if there is a change or not in your beneficiaries please fill it out and return it in the postage paid envelope.

If you have questions regarding this, once you receive it, please contact or call 306-924-7333.


The CPI figure for April was released on May 16, 2023. Per the Collective Agreement, the following calculation will apply:

January 2023 156.7
April 2023 160.4
Difference 3.7
Divide difference by .063 = $0.58

Effective May 21, 2023, COLA will be $2.98 per straight-time hour worked, as it was previously $ 2.40