OCTG Trade Case against China

Friday we received the decision and the reasons for the OCTG expiry review regarding dumped and subsidized OCTG from China. The case was successful. SIMA duties will be renewed for 5 years on OCTG from China. 

The Tribunal held a hearing by way of written submissions. There was no video argument in this case, so a hearing without the presence of the parties took place on October 8, 2020. 

The USW filed substantial material in the matter – 5 witness statements (a statement from Mike Day, Robert Gosse, Cody Alexander and John Collinson and one from Mark Rawlinson regarding global oversupply). In addition, the USW filed a legal brief concerning the interpretation of “employment” that we argued should be adopted.

The Union’s position was given a fair hearing. There are multiple references to USW evidence and argument at various paragraphs of the Reasons. 

Our testimony is referenced at para. 96. Interestingly, our evidence was apparently given equal weight to the Companies’ testimony – with respect to impact on domestic industry. Our legal argument is specifically acknowledged by the Tribunal at the bottom of page 16.

I know that this is not an easy time for our members in Regina and Calgary, and that the OCTG market in Canada is not strong right now. I know that hundreds and hundreds of our members have been laid off, and we think first and foremost of those members and their families, especially at this time of year”.

“Nevertheless, I want to thank you for your work on this case (and others). We are the only union that is actively and regularly participating in these cases to protect our market.  It is thanks to you and your work that we are truly doing everything we can as a union to protect our steel market, now and going into the future”. {Mark Rawlinson, assistant to the national director}