Possible Layoffs Coming In Tubular Division

A conference call was held this morning with the local at the request of Amit Baghel, general manager of the Tubular division. Our discussion centered around the rumor of pending layoffs in the division. Here is what we have learned.

Shaw pipe that is coating and shipping the current spiral order is having difficultly obtaining rail cars. The apparent reason for this delay is that the rails cars are held up due to winter storms that have hit the eastern part of Canada and the United States. As a result, management is considering a couple of options. A three day layoff in the near future. The possibility of an even longer layoff later in the month or both. Depending on the length and timing of layoffs, this could effect approximately 80% of our members currently working in the Spiral and 24″ mill lines and finishing departments.

Mr. Baghel would not confirm or commit to us any further plans except to say that members can expect to receive a 14 day notice of a pending layoff some time in the coming week. He has told us that more information will be made available to the union and membership on Monday January 6th when management will begin meeting with all the crews.

Fact: There is currently 510 members working in the Tubular division.