Post Town Hall

Once again we thank Brother Bryan Ross, President of Local 6673 in Calgary for attending both town hall meetings in Regina. Bryan brought with him the support of all our Brothers & Sisters in Calgary and we give a shout out of SOLIDARITY to all of them.

I had the honor of carrying with me that exact message of support back to their Local from all of us here by attending their town hall later in the day this past Tuesday. It was a great opportunity to talk the members there before and after the meeting.

Our struggles seem to be the same at both locations. Lay-offs, problems with new clothing (fire resistance, greese bleeding through material & fit), vacation scheduling, over time coverage, kronos, communications with management, just to name a few. Our concerns were spoken loud and clear at all the meetings with this company over the past week.

Was anyone listening?

Solidarity Forever!

One thought on “Post Town Hall”

  1. I think we are all listening, BUT waiting for action on the company part. What is being said by Mr. Rehwinkel doesn’t seem to be happening by his team. When talk doesn’t meet action, something isn’t right. I heard that he is aware of a huge lack on COMMUNICATING and says he will be doing something about it. Well let’s see what happens. We the employees are only as good as the people that lead us. STAND UP, UNITE and Be STRONG.

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