Profit Sharing Grievance

Brothers and Sisters

On September 20th, 2018 your President {Mike Day}, Vice President {Ryan Mckenzie} and USW Staff Rep {Patrick Veinot} met with the company to discuss the profit sharing grievance. The grievance revolves around the company not providing the Union with A copy of the Audited Consolidated Statement of Income for Evraz Inc.NA Canada. What the company has been providing is merely a spreadsheet with their numbers on them.

The Company has also informed us that they have gone away from the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles {GAAP} , also outlined in the collective agreement and switched to an   International standard. The company contended that they can’t produce just the North American aspect of the audit. They admitted that what the information they have been sending us has been incorrect and they said they have no intention of providing us with what is outlined in the collective agreement but yet stated they are willing to work with the Union. We have requested more information from the company and will keep you informed of where and how this is going.