Promoting Mental Health in Our Lives, Our Work and Our Union

United Steelworkers have developed a three hour workshop called “Promoting Mental Health in Our Lives, Our Work and Our Union.” This workshop includes a “Life Mapping” activity which integrates promoting mental health in our union, our workplaces, our communities and advocating to our provincial governments on mental health issues.

As a Steelworker activist, you are encouraged to take part in this workshop that can be set up through your local Union office. It is meant to help you begin exploring information on mental health issues as a union and individually.

Mental Health affects all of us. It touches us at work and in our individual lives. With friends, family and as private citizens. In considering mental health, we also need to account for mental disability and mental illness. The Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) website is one of the most dependable Canadian websites. Below are suggestions from their website on how to start exploring for more information on mental health that might be effecting someone close to you.

Aging and Mental Health –

Anger –

Parenting –

Separation and Divorce –

Unemployment/Layoff/Plant Closure –

Work/Life Balance –

Youth and Children –

A healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

USW 5890 Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Committee