Railway Medical Report

For Steel Yard members,

We received communication from the company regarding the Government of Sask guidelines that require any employee working in  the railway safety position  to meet certain minimum standards of medical fitness (mental and physical). In this context, the Company will sponsor medical examination using company doctor, Dr. Radford, on the company time and the company expense. There will be approximately 40 Steel employees  who will be required to go through this railway medical examinations between now and September 20, 2020. Those employees who want to go through their family physician have this option available to them at their own expense and time.

The Union has requested a meeting to discuss this and the company should not have started moving forward with this without discussion with the Union. We have asked them to cease until we can have a meeting which we hope is within the next week. Our position is simple, you have every right to go to your own physician and the company should be paying for the medical needed. Not in essence forcing you to go see the company contracted physician.

These Government regulations appear to have been in place for some time now so to the company, what was/is the hurry now? Why not do what is right and discuss with the Union prior as we are the sole agent for our members?

It is your right to see your physician at anytime!!

In Solidarity.