Rally for Resources and Support of Pipelines

Earlier today members of your executive took part in the Rally for Resources and Support of Pipelines in White City. This was put together by the Mayor of White City, Bruce Evans. With the negative publicity surrounding pipelines Mr. Evans decided a positive rally was needed in support of energy. Brother Courtland Klein spoke on the importance of getting pipeline projects approved and that old infrastructure needs to be replaced. He also spoke on the trickle down affect that the Jobs at Evraz has on the local economy.

Also speaking at this event was Ray Orb ,President of SARM. Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Economy for the Government of Saskatchewan and Andrew Scheer, member of Parliament for Regina/ Qu’appelle. All of these individuals spoke in favor of projects such as Energy East and know the importance of getting our energy here in the West to other parts of Canada and the United States. With all the negative publicity surrounding oil and pipelines we need to get out and promote for oil and pipelines.