Relief Time Letter Of Agreement

Brothers & Sisters, On June 19th, members of your local executive and Calgary’s executive met with Dario Cruz (VP of Human Resources) and other representatives of management to discuss a number of topics that concern both locals. Our main priority in this meeting was to come to an agreement on when our members would be allowed to relieve according to their scheduled shift time. After lengthy discussion that day and exchanges of proposals last week, we achieved a Letter Of Agreement (LOA) with the company that was signed this past Thursday. This document is attached for you to read and reference.

Early shift relief will work as follows. Starting this current pay period, individual employee’s on agreement between each other will be able to relieve on the job one half hour before their scheduled shift starts or ends. *(This does not need approval but we encourage both members to inform their immediate supervisor together of the arrangement you have made to insure there is no miscommunication).

Crews or departments upon agreement as a whole will also be able to relieve one hour prior to the start or end of their scheduled shift with approval from the department head. This agreement is among the crew/department and does not include a vote from the supervisor.

This LOA is for a six month trial period. After the trial period has concluded, we will meet with the company, revisiting this LOA and the grievances regarding *Relief Time and the *Kronos time keeping system that have been placed in abeyance. If disputes arise during this time that both parties cannot come to a resolution on, the two grievances will be activated immediately and scheduled for arbitration. *Note (The grievance for donning & doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE) is still active. We are working diligently to resolve this matter before it reaches scheduled arbitration). Members, be reminded that overtime does not begin until after your regular scheduled shift ends and you have voluntarily remained on the job. If there is a dispute regarding your straight time or overtime pay and it can’t be resolved with your supervisor. Please contact a shop steward.

I want to thank the membership for their patience, trust and support that you have given this local executive in dealing with this difficult issue. It is not over, but we hope this brings us closer to an end. To the membership, supervisors and department heads going forward. Work within the spirit and intent of this LOA on the shop floor to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Relief time LOA

Solidarity Forever!

Corey Liebrecht,