Signing Kronos Card Sheet

The Local would like to advise the membership that members have the OPTION of not signing the Kronos Card Implimentation sheet after having your picture taken. Your Local has concerns with how this system is being set up and questions about the requirements of employees that we are still seeking answer for from the Company. We ask that if you do refuse to sign the sheet, be polite and respectful.

3 thoughts on “Signing Kronos Card Sheet”

  1. I received this notice from facebook. Should things like this get sent out to the Email List? Or possibly set it up to SMS message any subscribers.

  2. Chris. Eventually stuff like this can be sent out on the mailing list but Corey has just got comfortable posting info on the webpage. As far as SMS messages that is something that needs to be investigated. You may be able to get rss feeds send SMS if you sign up. Not sure about that and will have to investigate as well.

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