Steelworker Humanity Fund Helped In Calgary Flood Relief

April 4, 2014
USW Local 5890
395 Park St, Unit 26
Regina, SK S4N 5B2

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Re: 2013 Western Canada Flood Relief Appeal

It has been almost nine months since heavy rains caused catastrophic flooding in southern Alberta and parts of British Colombia. Over 100,000 people were displaced from their homes, and damage is reported to have been $5 billion. Last week, it was reported that last June’s watery disaster ranked third highest in the world in disaster insurance claims in 2013.

Steelworker members and their communities were among those affected. The Steelworkers responded with a local union appeal and with a pledge of support from the Steelworkers Humanity Fund. The contribution from your local to the Steelworkers Humanity Support Fund, together with other local unions across the country, and with the individual on-going contributions of thousands of individual Steelworker members to the Humanity Fund, enabled the Steelworkers Humanity Fund to contribute $58,000 to flood relief. Thank you to your local union, SOAR chapter and its members for responding to the Flood Appeal and for your contribution of $1,000.

Steelworkers’ solidarity with individuals and families affected by flooding was shown by:

Support for families and individuals – 20 individuals applied for and received
cheques or gift cards valued at $1,500. One individual received $1,000 for a total
of $ 31,000.

Support for the community – Bowwest Community Support Services Society
received a cheque for $22,000. Bowwest was part of a coalition of community
organizations that monitored the flood and coordinated relief assistance,
directing funding to areas where it would be most effective.

Additional food bank contributions – Because the most vulnerable in our
communities are least resilient and have the hardest time recovering, additional
food bank contributions were made in Calgary and Elkford for a total of $5,000.
Thank you again for your support and solidarity in providing much needed assistance to our members and their communities in a time of need.

In Solidarity,

Ken Neumann, National Director for Canada
Steve Hunt, Director for District 3