Steelworkers House Donations

A HUGE thank you to…

USW Local 5917 Regina, SK – $500.00
USW Local 6717 Weyburn, SK – $500.00
USW Local 7458 Cory Mine, SK – $500.00
USW Local 7689 Allan Mine, SK – $500.00
Rocanville Potash Employees Association, SK – $500.00
USW Staff Rep. Sonny Rioux who challenges all other staff reps. Regina, SK – $100.00
USW 5890 VP Vasco D’Almeida who challenges all other VP’s. Regina, SK – $500.00
USW 5890 President Corey Liebrecht who challenges all other president’s. Regina SK – $250.00

We’re that much closer to the first ever Steelworkers House. Your donation supports the reality for a family to create the foundation that they can make their home from. As members, locals and a community, please give generously.

5890 Habitat for Humanity Committee