Steelworkers Humanity Fund, Your Contributions at Work Around the World

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund works nationally and internationally to promote equality, build stronger voices for communities and workers and protection for the environment. Regular contributions to the Fund by thousands of Steelworker members also allows the Fund to respond quickly to natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. Here are some of the activities from 2014.

Building Women’s Equality:

– Almost 1000 women from all over Bolivia participated in women’s rights and leadership workshops.
– In Nicaragua, 250 victims of gender-based violence were offered access to psychological support and information to confront workplace and domestic violence.
– A project in Mexico for women to strengthen their Economic, Social and Environmental Rights .

Sustainable Development and Environment:

– Training 20 Guatemalan farmers in new agriculture techniques who in turn will apply their new knowledge to other farmers and the community.
– Social and economic development for Indigenous Mexicans.
– Promotion of better mining in Bolivia.

Strengthening Workers’ Organizations:

– Over 100 Peruvian mine workers trained as health and safety instructors.
– In Bangladesh, 3000 textile workers were brought together to inform them of their rights to safe work places and decent working conditions.
– Workers in Mozambique, South Africa, Chile, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico and Bolivia also learned the values of better health, safety, economic, social and environmental rights.

Humanitarian Relief:

– Guatemala, Tropical Strom Boris ($10,000)
– Bangladesh, Victims and families of the Rana Plaza garment building collapse ($20,000)
– West Africa, Ebola outbreak ($10,000)
– Liberia, Ebola outbreak ($20,000)
– South Sudan, Providing emergency water, sanitation and hygiene to refugees ($23,000)
– Gaza, Humanitarian work ($15,000)
– Canada, Flood recovery in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba ($21,000)
– In addition to these major projects, other smaller projects also received support such as “AIDS Free World Uganda”, “Enfants de Bolivie” rural orphanage and “Power to Be” building playgrounds in Jamaica.

Fighting Poverty In Canada:
(Various donations to support organization that provide housing, food and education)

– Canada Without Poverty
– Centre d’action Benevole du Granit
– Fondation les amis de la Dauphinelle
– Habitat for Humanity
– House Link
– Aspen Foundation for Labour Education
– 73 food backs across Canada receiving $154,000

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