The CAT Is Prowling

Our local has established a Communications Action Team (CAT). You may have already met a member over the last week handing out flyers during shift changes. Seen one of those flyers on a lunch room table or posted on bulletin boards throughout the mills and offices.

CAT is a group of Brothers and Sisters that have volunteered their time to provide a network of communication between local union leaders, the bargaining committee and the membership as a whole. Cat members are responsible for bringing the unions message past the gates of the plant and right onto the shop floor, lunchrooms and offices. This gives the membership a direct link to important, factual information on issues that concern you and the workplace that will be communicated straight from the executive or bargaining committee.

It is also a way for you, as a member of this local to have your voice heard. To ask the questions you may have. Point out a concern or make a suggestion. It’s about ongoing communication that can be trusted. If you would like more information about CAT or becoming a CAT member. Please contact a Brother or Sister listed below.

CAT Leaders: Dana Faul (Steel) – Mike Smith (Pipe)

CAT Members (Steel): Tory Sand, Marcus Zieglar, Al Majore, Tim Kachaluba, Jon Jackson, John Forster, Bryon Folk.

CAT Members (Pipe): Les Horvath, Nolan Brenner, Brian Askin, Rob Desnomie, Garrett Rosko, Brent Henninsen, Quinn Miller, Aaron Fisher, John Asmay, Doug Demin, Scott Mackie, Joshua Kretschmer, Rosey Shiels.

CAT Member (O&T): Kim Roberts.


In Solidarity!