Union Dues…What Are They For?

For every dollar:

.44 cents goes to the USW International. (Dividing this portion between the Canadian National Office. Twelve Districts throughout North America. Coordinating organizing, education, training, rapid response teams, emergency response teams and much more.)

.44 cents goes directly to your Local. (Funding all activities within the local to help represent the members. Making sure safety standards are followed and met in the workplace. Facilitating training of OHS Reps, Harassment Reps, Stewards. Representing members through grievance and arbitration if needed. WBC claims. Negotiating the CBA and all related union business.)

.07 cents is set aside for the Strike and Defence Fund. (Being prepared doesn’t mean you act.)

.03 cents for Organizing. (Building the Steelworkers. Fairness for the working class. Security for our families and stronger communities.)

.01 cent for Political and Legislative Action. (So we can keep the politicians honest. Fighting for better legislation, better laws and better safety standards that will benefit all workers, just not the Unionized.)

.01 cent to the Canadian National Education Fund. (Training our members as Stewards, OHS Reps in our workplaces, and leaders of tomorrow.)

Our Union dues keep us strong. Let’s continue to keep the…

Solidarity Forever!