Vacation Rights & Responsiblities

Frequently asked questions…

When can I take my vacation? – Vacations run from May 1st – April 30th each year. You may request your vacation at any time during this period.

How much vacation time am I entitled to?  

Less than One year service: 1 day for each month up to 10 days maximum.

One to Five Years service: 3 weeks vacation.

– Five to Twelve Years service: 4 weeks vacation:

– Twelve to Twenty-five Years service: 5 weeks vacation.

– Twenty- five Years or More of service: 6 weeks vacation.

What are my rights for taking vacation time? – By law you are entitled to take all your annual vacation time. You are also entitled to take your vacation in one continuous block of time. (Example: If you request 2 weeks of vacation it cannot be reduced or split up).

– The company has an obligation to respond to your submitted request 4 weeks prior to the date your vacation starts.  If your date of request for vacation is less that one month, then the company shall respond in a timely manner.

What happens if my vacation is cancelled? – Request a written reason from your supervisor as to why your request has been denied. Do not hesitate to speak with a shop steward so it may be determined if a grievance should be filed. (Note: There is 10 days to file a grievance from the time the infraction was discovered. All steward have been advised to review denied requests and file grievances appropriately).

By law, the company is obligated to pay all non-refundable deposits, penalties, and other pre-paid expenses that have been incurred relating to the vacation that has been cancelled. You must provide copies of receipts for all such expenses to make this claim. These should be submitted to your supervisor and the HR department.

What happens if I just want my vacation pay? – You may request vacation pay at any time without penalty of taking actual vacation time. You are still entitled to your remaining vacation minus any pay that was previously paid out.

These are your rights Brother’s & Sister’s.


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  1. VACATIONS are your RIGHT !!! We work long hours, days, night, and weekends. Vacations are for you to relax and spend time with family , friends or how ever YOU want. If you have any of your holidays denied get ahold of myself at – or any other shop steward. For a list of Shop Stewards ( look down the right side of the page and click on Stewards.) I am sure any one of them would put in a grievance for denied holidays, unless there was a good reason and proper notifications given. We are here for you. STAND UP !! UNITE !! BE STRONG !!

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