Wage Issues from COVID


The Union has inquired as to how the company plans on compensating our members for Covid related issues. Either being told to stay home and self-quarantine or whatever by SHA or Dr. Radford. Well below is the companies response to our inquiry. Once again, if you feel you have contacted Covid from work, we recommend you file a WCB claim.

The following is the Companies response…

Employees that had their Tuesday November 17th shift cancelled will receive 4 hours compensation.  This should appear on this next payroll run.

The company is not telling employees they are unfit for work due to COVID.  Through contact tracing, employees are in communication with SHA (811) or Dr. Radford and they are making the medical determination regarding requirement to self-monitor, self-quarantine or take a COVID-19 test.  We are communicating and reinforcing those directives from Dr. Radford and/or SHA when required.  Individuals who are not exhibiting any symptoms of illness and are asymptomatic are not eligible for Short Term Disability benefits through the company group plan with Canada Life and will need to apply for a leave through EI.  An ROE will be issued to these employees and there are EI leaves available for COVID-19 related reasons such as mandatory self-isolation. Symptomatic employees that are sick would qualify for the Short Term Disability plan and should apply for benefits.  There is also a COVID-19 related illness specific form that also needs to be filled out that initiates the application process without a formal Attending Physician’s Statement knowing that employees won’t be able to get in to see their doctor.

If there are members who have concerns with reaching their pensionable hours due to COVID-19 quarantines, please have them reach out to HR & Payroll and we can assess.