The company is going through an HR transition away from Ceridian to a new Worday program. Some of you may have been through the training on this application already but everyone should by the implementation on Oct 1, 2019 have gone through it. In the Unions first discussions with the company we had some issues with this program. Initially, they were refusing to issue paystubs and T4’s and their response was “we will be setting up kiosks if the employee wishes to print off a stub or T4’s”. Well our response was, no you are legally obligated to provide T4’s and obligated under the C.B.A to provide paystubs so we can not support this program. Well after another meeting the company finally realized their legal obligations when it comes to T4’s and have agreed that paystubs will still be available.

So no matter what is being told to you in these training sessions, the company WILL STILL BE providing stubs and T4’s.