Job Evaluation – Cranes

Members of the Job Evaluation Committee have agreed to the following changes for Tubular and Steel Cranes.

CURRENT JOB CLASS                                           PROPOSED JOB CLASS

Spiral Mill Crane                         11                                                                              16

Steel Tap Crane                           18                                                                             20

Steel Charge crane                      12                                                                             15

Steel Scrap Crane                        9                                                                                13

Steel Slab Crane                           12                                                                              17


We have been advised by payroll that they expect the reflected changes to include retro completed for the Dec 18th pay.


In Solidarity

Darrel Deck

We are deeply saddened to inform you that brother Darrell Deck unexpectedly passed away on Friday. Darrell was not only a great union brother who represented the members of USW Local 6673 and 5890 through chain bargaining for many years. He was also a great friend to many of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Darrell was first and foremost a loving husband to his beautiful wife and the proud father of his wonderful children in which he loved very much.

Darrell’s passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, but also Darrell has left us with many wonderful memories and stories that will continue to put a smile on our faces for a lifetime to come.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Deck family

Rest in peace my friend.

Solidarity Forever

Union Education

On January 15th there is a Labour Law conference to be held at the Queensbury Centre here in Regina. The membership has approved up to 15 people to attend. This is the put on by the GRJ {Gerrand,Rath & Johnson}Law firm. Shop stewards wishing to attend please contact the office or email

We also have an OH&S level 1 course scheduled for January 27th &28th in Regina. Anyone interested in attaining their level 1 also please contact the office or email


In Solidarity

Chain/ corporate contracting out meeting

Members from your local Bargaining Committee were in Calgary on Nov 9th &10th to meet with the Calgary Bargaining team{usw 6673} and Evraz management.  The 9th  was our first chain meeting between the 2 locals. It was good to get the 2 locals together and put together a rough timeline of all the work that we will need to complete to be fully prepared for bargaining. We talked about what was effective and what needed improvement through the bargaining process and have identified some things we hope to change.

The second day had us in meetings with Evraz management to discuss Long Term Capitol Investment/Corporate Contracting Out. Management talked about the ongoing expansion in both Regina Steel and Tubular divisions. It was good to hear them say they look at the investment in the Steel division as a 25 year investment. On the downside to that though they are predicting a lower output but hope to be running full by Jan 2017. For the Tubular division, orders look good for large diameter. The 2 inch mill will still be at a high level of uncertainty. The company is still fighting the reduction on Imports and the ability for us to make the steel is advantageous for us.

Discussion then moved on to the Contracting out and the issues around that. Though some issues between Calgary and Regina were similar the biggest common concern was the Apprenticeship Program and the fact that no new employee’s have been joining the program.We also laid out issues we have with the new Mill 5 expansion,Finishing 2 project, Dj expansion and maintenance contracting out. All of the talks seemed to fall on receptive ears from the company and hopefully they will give us responses to the issues in a timely matter.


In Solidarity


On Sept 25th the Union requested from the company confirmation of dates when our members could see their job class increase and retro pay. On Tuesday the 29th the company response was such, “retro fro the 24 inch was paid on Sept 11, 2015 pay. Rates of pay for ut/rt will be reflected on the October 9th, 2015 pay and employees will receive retro by Nov 6th,2015. Retro was calculated based on the date of ratification.”

The union disputes that there was any agreement made that retro pay only goes back to date of ratification and as such filed a grievance today (September 30th) that retro should be paid to the start of the contract (August1,2014), not the date of ratification.

Health Spending Account

As per article 17.10 of  the  collective agreement,for all employees active on the seniority list who have completed 750 hours in the previous year, Evraz contributes $100 annually to your HSA account. With that being said the $100 form this year will expire on December 31,2015.

Dallas Houston

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of our Brother Dallas Houston. Dallas will surely be missed by all who knew him. RIP brother Dallas.



HOUSTON, Dallas Edwin
Dallas “Dal”, was born February 25, 1981 and passed away unexpectedly on Monday, August 24, 2015 at the age of 34 years. He was predeceased by his grandparents Jim and Betty Houston, Edwin Fraser and cousin Sheldon Houston. Dal is survived by his parents Ron and Cindy; brother Derek “Harvey”; sister Ally (Derek); his fiancé Michelle; his fur baby Thunder; in-laws Lorraine (Rick), Dwight (Dawn), and sister-in-law Amber (Chris); nephew Cruz; niece Alyssa; grandma Carol (Vern); aunts and uncles Bill (Carol), Lionel (Cheryl), Teresa (Al), Tracey, and Tanya (Chris); and numerous cousins, extended family and friends. A CELEBRATION OF DALLAS’S LIFE will be held at Regina Funeral Home, Hwy #1 East, Regina, SK on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Those in attendance are invited to ride their motorcycles and are encouraged to wear Harley Davidson or Saskatchewan Roughrider apparel. Donations in memory of Dallas may be made to the Regina Humane Society, PO Box 3143, Regina, SK S4P 3G7. Family and friends are invited to sign the online obituary and tributes page at Arrangements entrusted to

– See more at:

Overtime in Tubular

On the morning of August 20th members of the executive met with management to discuss overtime opportunities in tubular. These overtime opportunities will be first given to tubular employees and then offered plant wide.If anyone from outside tubular wishes to volunteer for overtime it would be as a finishing helper grinding pipe. This agreement will only be in place from Aug 20th to sept 1st, 2015 and is no way precedent setting.

New Coating Facility

On the morning of Thursday Aug 13th representatives from the local had a meeting with Evraz management where they informed the local that Evraz has entered into a joint venture with a company called WASCO. This joint venture will be for a new coating facility located in the south 40. They informed us the name of this will be Evraz/Wasco Pipe Protection Corporation employing between 50-70 people . These people will be hired by Wasco, as well Wasco will be managing the day to day operations. At this time we are unsure if these will be unionized employees or not but we hope to have more information on that and other concerns by the time they would like to start up in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2016

August 2015 Lump sum Payment

Your Aug lump sum payment will be paid to you on Aug 4th/ 2015. Originally the company was going to pay it out on the  Aug 14th pay which would have been incorrect. It is to be paid effective Aug 1st, so Aug 4th will be the first business day following the long weekend.

Retirement Benefits

It has come to our attention that some of the benefit statements have not been naming employees spouse’s on page 5 under the retirement benefits header. After discussion with HR on the matter, everyone this affects is encouraged to call Meghan Fetch at extension 636 and she will get everything added for next years statement.

Tubular OH&S representative

Brothers & Sisters

Ian Gretchen has accepted the role as the new OH&S representative in Tubular. I would like to thank Rob Desnomie for the exceptional work he has done in this role. Rob has been a great asset to the the previous and current executive.  We believe Ian will jump into that role and be  a valuable asset to this executive. Ian knows he has lot’s of work ahead of him to continue the great job Rob did. I know Ian is excited for the opportunity to help out his brother’s and sisters’s. I wish Rob all the best in whatever role he would like to pursue and hopefully that includes staying involved as a strong union brother. I hope that everyone will congratulate Ian and thank Rob .


In solidarity


On June 16th management came up with what appeared to be their new interpretation of transfer language.

After a meeting this morning with management where your executive pointed out the clear disregard for the collective agreement, out right abuse of the Temp Transfer and Inter-Division Transfer language and seeming disregard for the employees safety, management agreed that they had made a mistake and will do better next time. Next time is unacceptable for us and management agreed to Cease and Desist immediately and the  members were back in the Steel division by noon today.


In Solidarity

Committee Members Needed

Brothers and Sisters,

Your local is in need of your help! We are currently looking for anyone that would like to sit on the Steel Shift and Seniority committee and the Steel Contracting Out committee specifically. Tradesman would be the ideal members for the contracting out but any volunteers would be greatly appreciated. For anyone that would like to join these or any of the other committees please contact any Executive officer or call the union office {306-569-9663}. Remember “it’s your union”.


In Solidarity

Steel Recall

The Local has been informed by management that recall notifications will be sent out on Monday June 1st with current laid off employees being on the schedule for June 7th.

In Solidarity