To All Our Members,

With the rapid increase in the number of members being told to stay home for the 14 day self quarantine for close contact or whatever reason under the scope of COVID, your local is recommending the following;

If you believe you have contacted Covid 19 through a transmission at work apply for Workers Compensation. Nobody knows the lasting damage this will do on your health and you could need the paper trail later down the road. You also receive pensionable service on W.C.B

The other 2 options are to apply for Short Term Disability and E.I. Right now the company is pushing E.I and taking zero financial responsibility.

The local has inquired as to where the decision has come from to not cover under S.T.D and so far no response to that. We have also inquired as to the status of pay for the individuals who were told by management they would be paid for being told to stay home and also, no response to that.

We understand the frustration surrounding Covid and are working hard to get answers. The Union is also fighting to be involved with contact tracing and the investigations of each matter as the come up. The company believes the Union has no right to participate or right to know. Health and Safety is a joint effort, regardless of what some people in the company believe.