A quote from Leo Gerard

“We are as reasonable as anybody when employers want to approach us reasonably and want to talk about how to benefit our members, but let me tell you this. Any Company that has it’s heart set on killing our Union or hurting our members, any Company like that needs to know, that this Union and it’s members will fight in solidarity till our very last breath if that’s what it takes. We will last one day longer.” –

 Leo Gerard, USW International President

Benefit Society Update

There was a general meeting held on September 20 open to all Benefit Society members in locals 5890, 5917 and 6717 to report on recent events and to elect new officers to adminster the fund.

The following brothers were elected:

President- Vasco D’Ameida

Vice-President- John Forster

Treasurer- Tory Sand

Steelworkers Not Affilated with America Income Life

It has come to the Local’s attention that some of our members have been receiving phone calls from a company called American Income Life. The person calling claims to be representing the United Steelworkers out of BC and is offering extra life insurance to our members for a fee. The USW does NOT endorse this company in any way. The Union is unsure how they have obtained a list of members names and phone numbers. We want to assure our membership that the Union does not sell or distribute in any way, or at any time, lists or partial lists with the personal information of our members. The USW takes the privacy of our members very serious and holds this information in the strictest confidentiality.

In Solidarity!

USW District 3 & 5890 Executive

Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Workshop

Locals 5890 and 6673 (Calgary) attended a workshop in Regina on September 17 to educate stewards in the process of assessing and  determining impairment. This workshop has provided stewards the knowledge to properly and effectively recognize a worker that may be under the suspected use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace.  It is important for our Union stewards and OHS members to be proficient in assessing workers for impairment. The local believes that in the past Evraz has overstepped it rights to test members for drugs and alcohol. The purposes of the training is to keep our workplace safe from drugs and alcohol and to protect our members from unwarranted and unreasonable submissions to testing.

Signing Kronos Card Sheet

The Local would like to advise the membership that members have the OPTION of not signing the Kronos Card Implimentation sheet after having your picture taken. Your Local has concerns with how this system is being set up and questions about the requirements of employees that we are still seeking answer for from the Company. We ask that if you do refuse to sign the sheet, be polite and respectful.

United Steelworkers Benefit Society Release

To all members of United Steelworks Locals 5890, 5917, 6717

As some of you are now aware there has been a misappropriation of funds from the United Steelworker Benefit Society. The processes that are in place to safeguard the Society’s funds worked properly and the misappropriation was detected.

The Directors of the Society acted immediately and requested an audit. The audit determined that a misappropriation of funds had occured and the individual responsible has now resigned from all positions held within the USW along with two other members of the Society that were asked to resign and both have done so.   Continue reading United Steelworkers Benefit Society Release

Evraz implementing Kronos Chubb cards

Evraz is implementing a Knonos Chubb Card system starting October 21th 2012. The Company will be requiring all employee’s to obtain this card with their picture on it. A representative from Human Resources will be at Security in the Operations Building beginning Sept 10th/2012 from 5am-8am to take employee’s pictures. The Local will be discussing this new card system in a meeting with the Company on Sept. 10th as well

New Top Officer

With a unanimous vote of confidence by the Local Executive, we would like to welcome Brother Vasco D’Almeida as the new Vice President of 5890.  We ask the members to extend your support to Brother D’Almeida as he transitions into his new role.

Resignation of Ian Gretchen

The Union would like to inform the membership that Ian Gretchen has tendered his resignation as President along with all other committees and functions within the Local. In keeping with the local by-laws of the USW, Corey Liebrecht now holds the position of President. The vacancy for Vice President will be filled accordingly by the Local Union Executive ASAP.

In Solidarity

Stop Harper’s low-wage plan

Following is the opinion of Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation  of Labour, along with his provincial and territorial counterparts.

It has become clear that the federal government, supported by a number of  employer organizations, has a plan for transforming Canada’s labour market in  ways that will profoundly hurt Canadians.

It’s a four-prong strategy which includes the dramatic expansion of the  Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), the erosion of Employment Insurance,  raising the country’s retirement age, as well as a systematic effort to  undermine the ability of unions to stand up for the rights of working people and  improve their standard of living.

Continue reading Stop Harper’s low-wage plan

United Steelworkers response to Sask Party discussion paper

As everyone should know the Sask Party has started the process of a discussion paper to outline their ideas to dilute and minimize Saskatchewan workers ability to bargain and organize collectively which effectively attacks the rights of working people like us in general

The Sask Party are proposing sweeping changes of the scope of Unions, using laws of accountability that apply to no organization except Unions to undermine their ability to represent workers, certification and decertification rules that both make it difficult for workers to organize their Union but to maintain it under an attack from their employer and succession rights of a Union if their workplace is sold (Our local has gone through a sale twice in the last 5 years and its not inconceivable a sale could happen again)

Please read the complete document for all the information Submission to Saskatchewan Minister of Labour Relations

Tentative agreement reached between Camrose workers and Evraz

After a 10 day lockout that attacked workers pensions and retiree benefits Camrose workers and Evraz have reached a tentative agreement.

Here is a message from CAW rep Todd Romanow

I am pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with the company as of 8:30 pm today, a ratification meeting will be held on Thursday May 24 at 3 pm. The picket line will stay in place until after the results from the ratification meeting are known. I would like to thank everyone who supported our members and the fight that this little group took on against a vicious employer. The support from the labour movement and all of our allies has been incredible and made all of the difference to our members in this fight.

Update of Evraz attack on Camrose workers and retirees

From the Canadian Auto Workers in Camrose Alberta

Our dispute with Evraz rages on with no movement to speak of. My boss, Jerry Dias flew to Chicago today to have a one on one with Dario Cruz, while they were able to have some frank discussions the company has not committed to anything other than to get back to us on Tuesday. Jerry has made it clear that they need to look at a compromise that both of us can live with and made some suggestions that they are going to consider. The company told Jerry that they fully believe the membership will accept the mediator’s recommendations once they force a secret ballot vote. Our members voted 83 to 5 two days ago to continue to reject any concessions and a sub par monetary offer. The company has also said that they have moved a million feet of pipe to another plant from ours where it was slated to be made (we have no idea which plant). Our members are strong and are prepared for a long battle if necessary. We need to step up collectively and send a message to the company. We have been in contact with our brothers and sisters in Evraz locations in both the US and Canada and have their full backing and support.  We will keep you updated as things progress.

In solidarity,

Todd Romanow | National Representative, Canadian Auto Workers

USW member killed at Evraz in Peublo

Steelworker dies at Evraz plant

A 58-year-old steelworker died Tuesday in an industrial accident at the Evraz Pueblo plant.

The victim was identified as Raymond Duran.

Pueblo County Coroner James Kramer said Duran died before reaching St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center.

“I was told he was involved in an accident involving a forklift,” Kramer said.

Melodie Ruse, spokeswoman for the plant, said the mill was shut down and local authorities and plant officials were investigating the worker’s death.

Ruse said: “We are very saddened to report that one of our employees was fatally injured (Tuesday) when he was struck by a piece of mobile equipment at our Pueblo Rod & Bar facility. Our thoughts and prayers are with our employee, his family members and loved ones.”

Pueblo County Undersheriff JR Hall said that the accident occurred at 11:46 a.m.

“It was an industrial accident. We have no evidence to indicate foul play,” Hall said.

United Steelworkers Local 2102 declined to comment about Duran and his death.

By NICK BONHAM – The Peublo Chieftain

Unions Offers Condolences, Assistance to Prince George Workers and Families

BURNABY, B.C. – The United Steelworkers (USW) union extends its deepest condolences to the families of workers killed and injured at the Lakeland Sawmill in Prince George, B.C.

The USW, which represents the sawmill workers, also is urging provincial authorities to make public information it hopes could prevent further tragedies at B.C. sawmills.

“On behalf of all USW members, I wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to the workers and their families trying to cope with this terrible tragedy,” said Stephen Hunt, United Steelworkers Director for Western Canada. Continue reading Unions Offers Condolences, Assistance to Prince George Workers and Families

Trade and Tech Rate and Retention Survey (Aon Hewitt)

The survey that Aon Hewitt will be conducting for the wage rate and retention was finalized today and will be going out to the target companies next week. Aon Hewitt is expecting to have the survey complete by June 30. If there is  good co-operation and a fairly quick response from target companies then the survey results may be available earlier.

Any increase will be retro active to ratification date (December 9, 2011)

Bill C-13 and changes to Employer provided benefits

A message forwarded from the Company today by email, probably from Standard life:

Effective January 1, 2012, pursuant to Federal Budget Bill C-13, all employees who receive short and long-term disability benefits, under our ASO plans, are required to have deducted CPP and EI premiums from their paid benefit.  This new requirement caused several questions and concerns by all employers and delayed the implementation.

However, starting immediately, the required deductions will be reflected on your disability benefit. For employees who have been receiving a disability benefit prior to today’s date, there may be additional CPP / EI premiums required to be deducted.  In this event, we will ensure to pro-rate the deduction amount over the remaining year, if possible.

Follow this link for more information  http://bhhbenefits.com/2012/02/06/new-cpp-requirements-for-employer-paid-disability-benefits-2/