USW member killed at Evraz in Peublo

Steelworker dies at Evraz plant

A 58-year-old steelworker died Tuesday in an industrial accident at the Evraz Pueblo plant.

The victim was identified as Raymond Duran.

Pueblo County Coroner James Kramer said Duran died before reaching St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center.

“I was told he was involved in an accident involving a forklift,” Kramer said.

Melodie Ruse, spokeswoman for the plant, said the mill was shut down and local authorities and plant officials were investigating the worker’s death.

Ruse said: “We are very saddened to report that one of our employees was fatally injured (Tuesday) when he was struck by a piece of mobile equipment at our Pueblo Rod & Bar facility. Our thoughts and prayers are with our employee, his family members and loved ones.”

Pueblo County Undersheriff JR Hall said that the accident occurred at 11:46 a.m.

“It was an industrial accident. We have no evidence to indicate foul play,” Hall said.

United Steelworkers Local 2102 declined to comment about Duran and his death.

By NICK BONHAM – The Peublo Chieftain

Unions Offers Condolences, Assistance to Prince George Workers and Families

BURNABY, B.C. – The United Steelworkers (USW) union extends its deepest condolences to the families of workers killed and injured at the Lakeland Sawmill in Prince George, B.C.

The USW, which represents the sawmill workers, also is urging provincial authorities to make public information it hopes could prevent further tragedies at B.C. sawmills.

“On behalf of all USW members, I wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to the workers and their families trying to cope with this terrible tragedy,” said Stephen Hunt, United Steelworkers Director for Western Canada. Continue reading Unions Offers Condolences, Assistance to Prince George Workers and Families

Trade and Tech Rate and Retention Survey (Aon Hewitt)

The survey that Aon Hewitt will be conducting for the wage rate and retention was finalized today and will be going out to the target companies next week. Aon Hewitt is expecting to have the survey complete by June 30. If there is  good co-operation and a fairly quick response from target companies then the survey results may be available earlier.

Any increase will be retro active to ratification date (December 9, 2011)

Bill C-13 and changes to Employer provided benefits

A message forwarded from the Company today by email, probably from Standard life:

Effective January 1, 2012, pursuant to Federal Budget Bill C-13, all employees who receive short and long-term disability benefits, under our ASO plans, are required to have deducted CPP and EI premiums from their paid benefit.  This new requirement caused several questions and concerns by all employers and delayed the implementation.

However, starting immediately, the required deductions will be reflected on your disability benefit. For employees who have been receiving a disability benefit prior to today’s date, there may be additional CPP / EI premiums required to be deducted.  In this event, we will ensure to pro-rate the deduction amount over the remaining year, if possible.

Follow this link for more information


Evraz Regina Steel has pleaded guilty to one count under The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) and was fined $60,000. The fine is the largest for an OHS violation in the 2011-12 year in Saskatchewan.

The company was charged after a January 20, 2009, incident at its Regina plant in which a worker was seriously injured when he became entangled in the motor drive shaft of a crane hoist.

Evraz pleaded guilty to failure to ensure there was an effective safeguard in place to prevent workers from contacting a dangerous moving part of a machine.

Another charge against the company was stayed in Regina Provincial Court.

OHS conducts about 4,500 worksite inspections annually to ensure standards are balanced, known and enforced.

For more information, contact:

Bill Stovin

Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Regina

Phone: 306-787-0926

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Passing of Wylie Craig

CRAIG, Kenneth “Wylie” April 30, 1970 – March 28, 2012 With much sadness the family of Wylie Craig advise all who knew the “friendly giant” of his passing this week in Mexico. He was attending the wedding of close friends Adam and Cari Mussel, friends since Cari and Wylie were born one day apart in Richmond, BC. Wylie is survived by his mom Harolyn (Wayne) Long, brother Denton, his precious children, the loves of his life, Alexandra and Liam, and his grandma Helen Barefoot (94 years old). He will also be truly missed by his mass of amazing friends and brothers at USW Local 7226 Tenaris Steel. At Wylie’s request there will be no funeral. In lieu of flowers, we encourage donations to CJAY 92 Kids Fund. A celebration of his life is to be announced.

Wylie Craig was President of the Tenaris local in Calgary.

Notice of Election and Eligibility

There will be an election April 18 2012 to be held at the Change Room buiding (Hilton). Polling times are yet to be determined.

President– Ian Gretchen wins by acclamation

Vice President– There will be an election between Roger Flahr and Corey Liebrecht

Recording Secretary– Court Klein wins by acclamation

Financial Secretary– Dave McAlpin wins by acclamation subject to a final review of eligibility of Scott Trenaman

Treasurer– There will be an election between Doug Massier and Marcus Zeigler

Guide– Tory Sand wins by acclamation

Outside Guard– Vacant

Inside Guard– Jim Cassano wins by acclamation

Trustees– Of the three positions two are filled by Carolyne Kryba and Chis Massier by acclamation  leaving one vacant

Chief Steward Steel– John Forster wins by acclamation

Chief Steward Pipe– There will be an election between Mike Day and Tony Major subject to a final review of eligibility of both nominees.

Chief Steward O&T– Paul Euteneier wins by acclamation

Bargaining Committee (O&T)- Paul Euteneier wins by acclamation subject to a final review of eligibility of Kim Roberts

Bargaining Committee (P&M)- There will be an election between Chris Massier, Mike W. Smith and Kevin Snell subject to a final review of eligibility of all three nominees.

The final review will completed by Friday March 30. All nominees that have additional information regarding their eligibility please contact Tory Sand

United Steel Workers District 3 Summer School

Summer school this year will be held in Kimberly BC the week of June 17-22. Classes available are:

  • Advanced Grievance Handling
  • Collective Bargaining- Bargaining to win
  • Facing Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Leadership for Action
  • Communication

For more information please contact one of the Executive Committee Members, a Chief Shop Steward or a Health and Safety Representative

Notice of Nominations for Executive Positions

Nominations for the following Local Union Exectutive Positions will be held on March 19, 2012 at the Regina Union Center (2709 12th Avenue)

The Positions are :

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Recording Secretary
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Trustees (3)
  • Guide
  • Inside Guard
  • Outside Guard
  • Chief Shop Steward (Steel)
  • Chief Shop Steward (Pipe)
  • Chief Shop Steward (Office and Technical)
  • Bargaining Committee Member (Office and Technical)
  • Bargaining Committee Member ( Production and Maintence)

If you are nominating an individual who will be unable to attend the nomination meeting. Nomination forms can be obtained from Denise a the Union office (569 9663) or email her at Please ensure the form is returned to Denise prior to March 19 so it may be presented at the nomination meeting.

Nominations will close at the membership meeting.

Please only submit “one” nomination per person

Local Union Election Manual

Proud to be a Steel Worker

James Nickerson was employed by Canadian Linen to look after the distribution of clothing at the Hilton. When a few of the 5890 members heard , just before Christmas, he was stricken with cancer they took it upon themselves to “pass the hard hat” amongst union and company employees alike to help him and his wife through this nightmare time.

They raised over $2000 which was passed on to James and his wife Wanda. Through this generosity, to a person who was not “one of their own”, Wanda was able to spend day and night with James through his hospital stay.

James passed away February 16 with his family by his side. Thank you one and all.

Bill Boomer (Retired Millwright)

Evraz Cell Phone Policy

As many may be aware for several months there has been TWO cell phone policies posted on “My Evraz”. One is apparantly from Corporate Evraz which states at one point that it applies to all facilities or something to that effect. It appeared on “My Evraz” sometime in October 2011. This policy talks about keeping your cell phone in your lunch box or locker.

The other policy is the one that has been in effect for several years.  This policy is much more severe than the newer Corporate Evraz policy.

The Union has requested clarification several times including today from Evraz management  regarding which policy is in fact the policy we are expected to follow but as of today they still are not sure which cell phone policy applies or why both policies are on “My Evraz”. So there is no answer to the all the questions about cell phones.

When Evraz Management  does decide which policy applies the Union will request they remove the policy that doesnt apply from “My Evraz”and make an effort to inform everyone which one does apply to end all the confusion.

How to donate to the United Steelworkers Burns Lake Fund to Support Babine Workers and Families

BURNABY, B.C., 24 January, 2012 – The United Steelworkers (USW) announced today the launch of a fundraising campaign and the creation of a trust account to provide support to the workers of Babine Forest Products and their families in the wake of an explosion at the Burns Lake, B.C. sawmill.

“Since the tragedy at Babine Forest Products, we have been inundated with offers of support and assistance from other unions and union members all over the province and right across the country. The labour movement is a family, and union members join all British Columbians in mourning the loss of life and injuries to our brothers and sisters in Burns Lake,” says Steve Hunt, USW Director for Western Canada.

Continue reading How to donate to the United Steelworkers Burns Lake Fund to Support Babine Workers and Families

Useless Evraz Seniority Lists

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the seniority lists posted on “My Evraz”. They are incorrect for both Steel and Pipe division. After repeated requests from the Union that they be corrected they have not. Either Evraz cannot post the list correctly because of technical issues or they are not interested in making the lists correct on “My Evraz”.

Everyone who wants a correct list please contact your supervisor and ask for a seniority list with only names and start dates  to be posted on your area bulletin boards. You are entitled to them under Article 12.07 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please do not tear them down if they are not behind glass.

Memo from Evraz regarding Bonus Payments

The following is a memo mailed out from Evraz that outlines the steps to get paid the recently negotiated Bonus paymet either through payroll or rolled into an RRSP


On December 23, 2011, a bonus of $3,000 will be paid to all USW employees who have completed 750 hours of work in the previous twelve (12) calendar months. For those employees who have worked less than 750 hours in the twelve months prior to payment, the bonus will be pro-rated accordingly. You must still be an employee of the company to receive this bonus, actively working, collecting short term disability benefits, maternity/paternity leave or on lay-off status.

Continue reading Memo from Evraz regarding Bonus Payments

Why Unions are Important

The people who have been occupying financial districts in Canadian and American cities are motivated by anger over the glaring economic unfairness that exists in our society. The labour movement welcomes what these young people camping outdoors in tents are saying — because we have said the very same thing for many years.

The 1 per cent who are the mega-rich are getting richer while 99 per cent of us who are ordinary working people fight for a shrinking piece of the economic pie. Since 1976, median earnings in Canada have barely inched up from $44,100 to $45,600 adjusted for inflation. That’s an increase in income of just $1,500 in a third of a century — less than $45 a year in real terms. In contrast, the share of all individual income going to the top 1 per cent in Canada has almost doubled since the 1980s, returning it to the same level as in the 1920s.

Continue reading Why Unions are Important