Sask. Party must come clean on plans for working people

With only a week until the provincial election, the Sask. Party needs to be clear about their plans for working people in the province, and whether or not they are planning on bringing forward anti-worker labour legislation and privatizing public services that Saskatchewan people rely on, should they be re-elected.

“We’ve seen past Sask. Party governments pass labour legislation that attempted to take away a workers right to strike, and make it more difficult for workers to unionize,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. “We’ve also seen past Sask. Party governments sell-off crown corporations and make deep cuts to health care and education. “With the provincial election just days away, the Sask. Party needs to come clean on their plans for working people in the province.”

Johb pointed to Alberta, where the UCP government has passed draconian labour legislation that weakens worker rights, takes away overtime pay for workers, and limits a unions ability to advocate on behalf of its members. At their convention last weekend, the UCP passed a resolution to support American-style “right to work” legislation that lowers wages and limits worker rights. The UCP also recently announced plans to fire 11,000 public healthcare workers.

“The Sask. Party needs to be upfront with Saskatchewan people about whether or not they would support introducing similar anti-worker legislation and if they would support making cuts that put jobs and healthcare at risk during a pandemic like their Conservative counterparts in Alberta,” Johb said. “Working people in Saskatchewan deserve to know what the Sask. Party’s plans are before they cast their ballot.”