Trade Rate and Retention Survey

The Union and Company met today to listen to presentations from professional Human Resourse companies to select which company will conduct the wage surveys of Red Seal Tradesmen, Maint Technicians and Metalurgical Technicians. A selection was made and now the two parties are working to finalize the criteria that the survey will conducted under.

New Job Evaluation Pilot Program

The Job Evaluation Pilot that was negotiated in bargaining has been started. The Union Committee for the new program reported today that there is an agreement with the Company Committee on a system to evaluate jobs. They also reported that there are already  4 jobs are completed  and will be signed off  at the next committee meeting. The four jobs completed are oiler/greaser, strand operator, ladle controller, caster helper.

The Committee also reported it was happy with the Companies cooperation with this new Committee and its wilingness to settle outstanding issues.

Proposed Melt Shop Line Of Progression

As everyone is aware there were some changes negotiated in the Melt Shop Line or Progression, namely it was split into two lines.

The Seniority Committee reported today that all  the concerned members in the Melt Shop Line of Progresssion have been polled on which line they wish to be in after the split. The Seniority Committee also reported it will have a recommendation soon for the Executive Committee on how to move forward with the split and how  it affects everyone  in the future when there is movement in both “new’ lines of progression.

C.W.S Bargaining Sub Committee Results

Both the Union Bargaining Committee agreed to convene a Co-operative Wage Study Sub-Committee session during a break from regular bargaining to settle long outstanding issues so CWS issues would not have to form part of negotiations

The result of the sub-committee meetings was fairly productive.  There were 3 outstanding Production and Maintenance jobs settled. Three Office and Technical jobs were studied again as well

The three Productin and Maintenance jobs settled were:

  • Pipe Physical Tester; increase of one job class from JC 14 to JC 15
  • Spiral Mill Operator; increase of one job class from JC 19 to JC 20
  • Spiral Mill Cranes : increase of two job class from JC 9 to JC 11

Office and Technical jobs that were studied were:

  • Senior Metalurgical Technologist was re-evaluated and will remain at the original interim job clas of JC 15
  • Lab Leader; increase of one job clas from JC 13 to JC  14
  • Buyers Job; the “Buyers Job” is still under review and will be addressed at the Bargaining Table