Degasser Update

At today’s Union/ management meeting the company informed the union that starting Monday Dec 5th, they will be starting the process of trying to fill the Degasser position beginning with the senior employees from the EAF/LMF lines of progression.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Executive or Shift & Overtime Committee. Please make sure of what all your options are and do not hesitate to call the Union Office for clarity. 306-569-9663.



On April 1st, 2016 the union filed a group grievance for what the union saw as an improper layoff notice under article 12.13{3 day clause}. On March 17th the company issued a 2 week layoff notice for members in the steel division. Then on March 24th the company then invoked article 12.13 for a shortage of work affecting parts of the Meltshop and Caster. The unions position was that during a layoff notice, the employee’s rate of pay and normal hours of work cannot be cut.

After months of discussion on this grievance the company has agreed to pay the 35 affected employee’s their 12 hours of pay on the December 2nd pay. Below is the attached list of employee’s




In Solidarity

Where is my C.B.A????

The 2 outstanding articles from the last contract have been agreed to by both the company and the union. Lump sum payments have been awarded to members who were  on W.C.B and summer students at that time. The second article was the language around the dates for the Health Spending Account.

The proof reading of the Collective agreement is now completed by the Union and we fully expect new C.B.A’s to be printed for each member as was stated to the company at the proposal exchange meeting in May.

Rally for Resources and Support of Pipelines

Earlier today members of your executive took part in the Rally for Resources and Support of Pipelines in White City. This was put together by the Mayor of White City, Bruce Evans. With the negative publicity surrounding pipelines Mr. Evans decided a positive rally was needed in support of energy. Brother Courtland Klein spoke on the importance of getting pipeline projects approved and that old infrastructure needs to be replaced. He also spoke on the trickle down affect that the Jobs at Evraz has on the local economy.

Also speaking at this event was Ray Orb ,President of SARM. Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Economy for the Government of Saskatchewan and Andrew Scheer, member of Parliament for Regina/ Qu’appelle. All of these individuals spoke in favor of projects such as Energy East and know the importance of getting our energy here in the West to other parts of Canada and the United States. With all the negative publicity surrounding oil and pipelines we need to get out and promote for oil and pipelines.

Bargaining Update

Over the last 2 days your bargaining committee and members of both Steel Shift and Seniority and Tubular Shift and Seniority committees were meeting to discuss the company’s proposed changes to Lines of Progression in both Divisions.

The Union recommended to the the company that a tour was needed in the Melt shop, 24 inch mill and Mill 5. On Tuesday you may have noticed the committees touring these locations with individuals from management. On Wednesday both committees sat down with the company to discuss these proposed changes. There was very good discussion from both sides of the table and to date there has been nothing agreed to or signed off on regarding Lines of Progression. Both the Union and Company are looking at future dates to continue talks.


In Solidarity.

Pension on Vacation

It has come to our attention that some members may have not received pensionable hours while on vacation. The language from our pension text reads as follows.

1.23  Regular Hours means straight time hours actually worked and, in addition, regular straight time hours for each paid statutory holiday and for each day of paid annual vacation.

If you have not received pensionable hours for vacation or any other reason please contact a Shop Steward or Local Executive member.

Brother Rosko

Brothers and Sisters,

As some of you may or may not know Brother Rosko was Falsely accused of theft back in March. During this process our Brother was left at home for 5 days while the company had no evidence of theft, just accusations. Since that time Brother Rosko has returned to work with the discipline removed from his record. In an attempt to clear the name of our brother please see the attached letter from the company as their apology.


In Solidarity




Effective the first pay period after the release C.O.L.A will be $0.58 per straight time hours worked. We have been informed that rates to reflect the roll in have now been updated and retro pay from Aug 1st to Aug 20th will be paid on the Sept 9th pay.


Bargaining Update


Brothers and Sisters,

This past week in an expression of solidarity and union partnership for Evraz workers in Alberta and Saskatchewan, USW chain bargaining committee members from Local 5890 and 6673 and their respective Staff Reps participated in an historic meeting with Unifor local 551 members from Evraz Camrose.

The first meeting of its kind brought together the two unions to deal with the aggressive concessionary proposals that all three bargaining committees have seen at the table from Evraz. We were able to share information, discussions and documentation and see the truth in their proposals. It is clear that we are all under serious attack and that working together is the only way to protect what we have now and make gains going forward.

All three Local Unions have agreed to form a strong alliance that will allow continued sharing of information, strategies and support while we all work towards bargaining new agreements. Evraz employees are loyal hard workers who deserve a fair collective agreement rather than threats and rollbacks. With the support of this alliance we are determined to make a difference for our Brothers and Sisters in Calgary, Regina and Camrose.


Your committee appreciates all of the support and solidarity from you the membership and we will keep fighting until we have a fair and equitable agreement to bring back for you to vote on.

In solidarity,


Your Local 5890 Bargaining Committee


Spiral Dead Shift

To: EVRAZ Regina Tubular Employees
From: Scott Manson, Director Operation
Date: August 3, 2016
Re: Dead Shift
In accordance with the Letter of Understanding Tubular Division – Dead Shift Agreement,
effective September 3, 2016, Regina Tubular employees will not be scheduled to work the
dead shift until further notice.
If you have any questions, please contact your Supervisor.

Grievance Protocol

CUPW – 2016-07-06 – CUPW Files Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Against Canada Post



CUPW Files Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Against Canada Post

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Wednesday July 6 2016
No 36

The Canada Labour Code provides that the parties have a duty to make every reasonable effort to negotiate a collective agreement and must bargain in good faith. Furthermore, employers are prohibited from interfering in the affairs of a Union. Today, CUPW filed a formal complaint to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) that Canada Post management has failed to negotiate in good faith and is interfering with the Union’s right to represent its members.

The complaint covers both the Urban and RSMC bargaining units. It describes in detail the refusal of CPC to engage in any meaningful discussions or negotiations regarding the RSMC unit. With respect to both the Urban and RSMC units, CPC has refused to negotiate on their global offers which were submitted one week prior to the parties obtaining the right to strike or lock-out. CPC has also circumvented the bargaining process by negotiating through the media. An example is they claim our proposals will cost $1 Billion, which they repeatedly make to the media but refuse the Union’s repeated requests to justify their numbers.

Instead of bargaining, the employer has simply tabled offers that it knew would be totally unacceptable to the Union. Finally, management representatives have been communicating directly with Union members, making threats and spreading disinformation.

Once both parties have made all of their submissions, the CIRB will determine its procedure. We have asked that the complaint be heard immediately.


Negotiations Continue

As we previously reported, we met with CPC on July 4th, where they provided us with a written rejection of our global offer. Today, we met with CPC, in the presence of the mediators, to discuss several issues. Although we cannot report any major progress, we remain committed to the negotiations process.

We will continue to report developments as they occur.



As always, stay informed, stay united, and resist provocations.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit

Dead Shift

It has come to the attention of the Union that since roughly April 1, 2016 some members have not been getting paid for their dead shift. Please go back and check your pay stubs and if you feel there is some discrepancy please contact a Union Steward.


In Solidarity

Shift Premiums

Article 15.02 Shift Premiums

A shift premium of forty {40} cents additional to the standard hourly rate shall be paid to each employee for hours worked during a second {or afternoon} shift and forty-five{45} cents for hours worked during a third {or night} shift.


Over the past while there has been some questions on how overtime is to distributed. Please read the language bellow for an understanding.

Article 9.09         Overtime Distribution

 Rotating Overtime

The Company shall attempt to rotate and spread overtime work as evenly as possible among the employees in the department of which the overtime occurs. It is understood that permanent employees shall have preference in the selection of overtime.

Continue reading Overtime


Anyone interested in attending a Progressive Discipline for Stewards Seminar please email or call the office at 569-9663. The seminar takes place on June 28th at The Hotel Saskatchewan and is geared to help front line stewards put the principles of progressive discipline into action.

This is your Union, get involved and educated.

Steel Layoffs

With the upcoming shut down in the Steel Division please be aware of bumping rights as outlined below.


  • Production and Maintenance Employees Only

In the event of cutback or lay-off, an employee shall be deemed to have the right to a position that is lower in that line of progression and will regress down their line to a position which they can hold. You shall regress as you progress and progress as you regress.

Office and Technical Employees Only

In the event of cutbacks or layoffs, an employee shall be deemed to have the right to a position according to seniority and qualification. An employee may bump into any position that they can hold. Employees bumping a position that they have not previously performed will be subject to the intermediate training rate for a period of six (6) months. It is therefore understood and agreed that management shall have the right to pass over any employee if it is established that they do not have the qualifications, ability or physical fitness to perform the work involved, even if they were given a reasonable trial or training period.

An employee who refuses to exercise their bumping rights and elects to take a layoff will not be recalled unless the job from which they were laid off becomes available. Should a laid off employee wish to return to any other vacant jobs they must advise the Human Resources Department of such request, in writing, before becoming eligible for recall.

Displaced Employee

  • In the event that they cannot retain a position in their own line, or a job which is not within a line of progression, a displaced employee may apply (by filling out a bump form) for one of the following depending upon the circumstances arising from being displaced (copies of the bump form shall be sent to the Union):
    1. Any jobs below the displacement line in any other line of progression held by the junior employee provided their plant seniority is greater than that of the employee to be replaced.
    2. The higher job in any other line of progression held by the junior employee provided that they have held a bid and performed that job for a period exceeding thirty (30) consecutive days and can still perform that job efficiently with a familiarization period. Any other line excludes your original line of progression.
    3. (i)           Any jobs outside the lines of progression as “noted” below the displacement line in Appendix E, held by a junior employee and which they are capable of performing.
  • Any jobs outside the lines of progression, “noted” above the displacement line in Appendix E, held by a junior employee provided they have held a bid and performed that job for a period exceeding thirty (30) consecutive days and can still perform that job efficiently with a familiarization period.
    1. Exceptions to this Article shall be those employees in the category of tradesmen and apprentices. It is not the intent of this Article to prevent tradesmen and apprentices from bumping within their own trade from department to department.
    2. Recall from layoff will be on the basis of plant seniority from among those people who can still perform that job efficiently with a familiarization period. The employee with the greatest job seniority within the line of progression demoted or laid off due to lack of work shall have the right to their regular job before those with less job seniority in that line of progression. Employees called must return to their original line of progression or bid job and be willing to promote to any job where they possess job seniority.
    3. Exceptions to the above shall be when you cannot hold a position in the plant because of layoff using your plant seniority the effected employee or employees must bump the lowest possible job in their own line of progression.

Note: The familiarization period mentioned in the above provisions shall be a period not exceeding two (2) shifts.

  • Rules for Bumping – Displaced Employees Only
    1. Time Limits for Bumping

A displaced employee wishing to exercise their bumping rights must do so within ten (10) calendar days from time of displacement.

  1. Before Being Displaced for One Year
  • An employee who has not been displaced from their original line of progression for one (1) year will not accumulate job seniority in another line of progression.
  • An employee displaced for less than one (1) year shall not progress within another line of progression during times of vacancies (except as noted in 12.10 (f)). During times of cutback the employee will maintain their position in another line of progression using plant seniority. If an employee is unable to maintain their position in another line of progression they will be displaced from that line of progression.
  • For clarification it is understood that working overtime in the line of progression an individual has been displaced from does not constitute a recall to the line of progression for the purposes of this article.
    1. After being displaced for One Year
      • After one (1) year of displacement an employee shall lose all job seniority in their original line of progression and shall not be entitled to recall to their original line of progression.
      • After one (1) year of displacement the line of progression into which an employee bumped will become their regular line of progression. An employee shall be inserted into the line of progression with job seniority in the new line of progression at the position they bumped and job seniority from the day they bumped.

During periods of cutback an employee shall regress and progress within their new line of progression according to job seniority. Plant seniority will maintain an employee on a bottom job within a line of progression.

South Sask Area Council

On Friday April 29, 2016 the South Sask Area Council will be holding it’s general meeting at the Union Office {#26-395 Park Street}.


*Issues of the council

*Financial Report

*Direction for the next 3 years

*CLOSING OF NOMINATIONS AND ELECTION OF positions for President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Financial Officer.

Anyone wishing to run for a position or nominate someone please email or call 306-569-9663.

Education and Conference

The USW summer school dates are out. June 5th to 10th, 2016 in Kimberly BC. Membership has approved up to 10 to attend. If you are interested in going please contact Mike Day at 306-569-9663 or

The Regina &District Labour Council is hosting it’s 4th annual Equity and Human Rights Conference in Regina on February 19th & 20th. Membership has approved up to 6 people to attend. If you would like to go please contact Mike Day at 306-569-9663 or There will be a panel discussion with Carol Landry who if you are unaware is the USW International Vice President.

In solidarity



Brothers and Sisters,

Your executive would like to remind everyone that all employees have the right to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment. If you have any questions about the process please look at article 1.01 and Appendix “G” of the collective agreement.

Harassment can be defined as any action {verbal,psychological or physical} on a single or repeated basis which humiliates, insults or degrades and is known or thought reasonably to be known to be known to be unwelcome by the victim of the harassment.

Harassment can include but is not limited to; unwanted comments, slurs, racist or sexist jokes, pictures or posters, bullying or intimidation, graffiti,physical contact of any kind, remarks about a person’s appearance or personal life, unwelcome sexual advances or demands, suggestive looks or  gestures.

We can’t make people like each other. But we can, through concrete action, promote mutual respect for one another. Let’s all work together to show one another respect.


In Solidarity.