Vacation Requests

As March 15th approaches please remember to get your vacation requests submitted in accordance with the following article.


Article 11.01
Each employee shall be entitled to an annual vacation with pay in accordance with the employee’s length of service as provided in the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act. Eligibility shall be based on years of continuous or accumulated service as of May 1st of each year.
Annual vacation requests must be submitted by March 15 for the period of May 1 to April 30 of the following year. The approved schedule of annual vacations submitted by March 15 will be posted by April 1. Vacation requests submitted after March 15 will be approved on a first come first serve basis and a response will be provided within two weeks of the request.
The Company shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that an employee’s vacation request is approved, consistent with operational requirements.
Where an employee transfers from one department to another, they shall take their vacation in accordance with the schedule established in their old department, unless there is an adverse operational impact in their new department
The Company agrees to issue any prior year’s vacation pay upon the request of the employee. This request must be made in writing and submitted to the employee’s supervisor.


Fatality Alert

It with great sadness I inform you that on January 30, 2017, Ivor Lundin a member from USW Local 1-423 in Kelowna B.C. was fatally injured while working at Tolko Industries Ltd in Kelowna, BC, Canada.
Our condolences go out to the family and co-workers of the deceased.

Emergency Response Team member Ed Kent from Local 1-424 went to assist the family and the Local Union during this tragic event.
The Local Union, RCMP, Coroners Service, Transportation Safety Board, Transport Canada and Worksafe BC are still investigating this incident. Continue reading Fatality

Workers Compensation

Your Union executive is looking for any members who have had issues with their Workers Compensation claims. That could involve any number of reasons, but not through any fault of your own. If you have or know someone who has been or is on Workers Compensation and have had any issues please either email or call the office @306-569-9663

In Solidarity.

Trump probably can’t require pipelines to use U.S. steel: Kemp

MoBy John Kemp | LONDON

Reuters, Wed Jan 25, 2017 | 7:18am EST

President Donald Trump on Tuesday invited the promoter of the Keystone XL pipeline to re-submit its application for a permit and promised an expeditious review.

But Trump’s memorandum on Keystone was twinned with another ordering the secretary of commerce to develop a plan to ensure all pipelines built, repaired or upgraded in the United States use domestically made steel. Continue reading Trump probably can’t require pipelines to use U.S. steel: Kemp

2016 Industry Canada memo on steel industry raised “Buy Canada” policy


The industry department in a secret 2016 memo discussed a “Buy Canada” policy to aid the steel industry. The Access To Information memo cited “near-crisis conditions” due to dumping of China-made products.

“There are increasing demands from firms and other stakeholders for federal government action to support the steel sector, including strengthening Canada’s trade regime against unfair imports and adopting a ‘Buy Canada’ policy to favour Canadian steel in infrastructure procurement,” said the memo Steel Industry Update; “Global steel prices are expected to remain weak due to anemic demand and excessive production around the world. Conditions are not expected to improve until 2017 at the earliest.”

Canada since 2008 has imposed anti-dumping duties on steel products from China, the world’s largest producer. “This is not a fair market,” Paul Halucha, assistant deputy industry minister, testified at 2016 hearings of the Commons trade committee.

Steel Industry Update cited “hyper-competitive conditions” in the sector that have driven two of the country’s largest steelmakers into creditor protection, Essar Steel Algoma and U.S. Steel Canada.

“Near-crisis conditions in the global steel industry are posing significant challenges to the Canadian steel industry as it struggles with record low prices and competition from unfairly traded imports,” the department wrote.

Much of the four-page memo was redacted. Cabinet has publicly dismissed a “Buy Canada” policy as contrary to competitive bidding and trade policies.

Canada’s steel industry employs 17,000 and is worth $2.6 billion a year, by official estimate. MPs have advocated a “Buy Canada” policy on steel contracted for public works. Canadian-made product accounts for 19 percent of the steel used in construction of the $4 billion Champlain Bridge at Montréal.

“It is very strange the Government of Canada is importing steel while Canadian steel mills are laying off workers,” MP Erin Weir (Regina-Lewvan), New Democrat public works critic, earlier told the Commons. “If we are concerned about economic development in our country, if we are concerned about our environment, we should be using Canadian-made steel.”

Trade department officials have estimated Canadian steel mills emit 42 kilograms of carbon dioxide for every tonne of steel, compared to 152 kg in the United States and 598 kg in China.

“They can crank this stuff out,” Conservative MP Dave Van Kesteren (Chatham-Kent, Ont.), earlier told a trade committee hearing on steel imports. Van Kesteren recalled touring a Chinese mill fueled by high sulfur-content coal in 2007. “I really thought they were burning tires, seriously,” he said.

By Mark Bourrie



President’s Message

Brothers and Sisters,

As 2016 is coming to an end I would like to wish all our members and families a safe and happy New Year. For some of our members and their families 2016 was a difficult and challenging year and now to look into 2017 with the hope that things are turning around.

As 2017 rolls in brothers and sisters, I would like to thank each and every one of you for what you do as Steelworkers. Our members have built and shaped miles and miles of some of the most important infrastructure in North America and I believe it’s about time you all got credit for what you do. Be proud of the job you do.

As far as safety goes, I want to make sure that everyone knows no matter the pressures of work to always make sure you are working safe for you, your brothers, sisters and all their families. Please be safe. Don’t be afraid to speak to  someone if it looks like they are possibly in an unsafe situation. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone in general and get to know them. We have many members from all different walks of life. Say a good word about the work you do and your Union. Your a Steelworker and have much to be proud of.

Once again I would like to wish you all a safe and happy New Year. All the best in 2017.

In Solidarity

Mike Day





Are benefits we receive a reward?

The truth is our benefits are NOT a reward. They came from the Brothers and Sisters before us that held a sit down, a walk out, three strikes and another strike that was averted at the 11th hour a mere fourteen years ago. This was all accomplished through hard fought negotiations at each and every bargaining table since September 21, 1959 when USW 5890 in Regina Sask. was proudly certified.

Brief History

USW 5890 in Regina’s first Collective Agreement (Contract) was signed in 1959 with Ipsco, our former employer and did not include any benefits for workers. Job Classes ran from 1-15 and paid $1.70 and $2.54 per hour respectively. The Contract was 30 pages long.The second Contract was signed in 1961 with a new Article named “Welfare”. This was the first time anything remotely close to benefits was mentioned. The coverage included two things in the article. First the company agreed to pay the premiums to cover Medical Services in the province. Second they agreed to cover Sickness and Accident Insurance that would pay a member $20.00 per week for 13 weeks.

Continue reading Are benefits we receive a reward?

Degasser Update

At today’s Union/ management meeting the company informed the union that starting Monday Dec 5th, they will be starting the process of trying to fill the Degasser position beginning with the senior employees from the EAF/LMF lines of progression.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Executive or Shift & Overtime Committee. Please make sure of what all your options are and do not hesitate to call the Union Office for clarity. 306-569-9663.


Brother Rosko

Brothers and Sisters,

As some of you may or may not know Brother Rosko was Falsely accused of theft back in March. During this process our Brother was left at home for 5 days while the company had no evidence of theft, just accusations. Since that time Brother Rosko has returned to work with the discipline removed from his record. In an attempt to clear the name of our brother please see the attached letter from the company as their apology.


In Solidarity



Ralph Bilsky Obituarie


Ralph Bilsky May 17, 1949 – June 6, 2016 With profound sadness we announce the passing of Ralph David Bilsky, on June 6, 2016. Predeceased by his wife Mary Bilsky of Regina, SK and parents Micheal Bilsky (1999), Gertrude Bilsky (2015) of Rama, SK. Survived by daughter Tisha Keeler (Arlie) of Biggar, SK, son Brent Bilsky (Gwen) of St. Stephen, NB, sister Cecilia Sliva (Gerald) of Winnipeg, MB, sister Therese Sandager (Robert) of Preeceville, SK and grandsons Anthony, Dalton, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Joseph and Ian; as well as many friends and extended family members.

A Memorial Reception Teua will be held Saturday July 2, 2016 from 2-4 pm at King’s Corner Church of God located at 2110 King St., Regina, SK.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

Published in The Leader-Post on June 28, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters: It is fast approaching one month on the picket line at Seven Oaks Best Western Hotel in Regina for members of UFCW 1400 with an employer who has dug his heels in on concessions for a collective agreement. Managers have intimidated workers, many of whom are vulnerable, with threats of termination, blackballing and misinformation about the strike. This employer will go to any length to convince these workers to scab their fellow employees, including raising their wages. UFCW 1400 has filed and continues to file unfair labour practices with the SLRB.

In addition, the employer has recently hired the services of a national labour relations solutions company with expertise in surveillance and security for employers involved in a strike. They operate high tech cameras and microphones monitoring our picket lines, and private investigators to record our activity. A Calgary law firm who advertises expertise in employer labour relations has been secured by the employer as legal counsel.

This employer has thousands of dollars for professional services to break the solidarity but no legitimate offer to provide these workers with wages and benefits that will keep them close to a living wage.

The line has been strong and with the assistance of affiliates from across Saskatchewan the message from the labour movement is being heard. This strike is not just a UFCW 1400 cause, but the cause of all workers in Saskatchewan. The mistreatment and abuse of workers in this hotel must end. We are prepared to go the distance.

Picketers are finding that some residents in Saskatchewan and neighboring provinces are unaware of the strike. Once again, we request that affiliates inform their membership and the Seven Oaks Hotel that their union is supporting the striking workers.

Union members can visit our website for a link to a support letter at, or check our facebook page and add some likes. …2 Page 2 In addition to the picketing at the hotel, UFCW1400 has begun secondary information lines at other Ricky’s and Best Western Hotels locations in Saskatchewan. Affiliates who can offer assistance with the information lines anywhere in Saskatchewan, please call UFCW’s Saskatoon Office (Craig Thebaud) at 306 384 5787 or Norm Neault at 306 222 1931.

With much appreciation to all the affiliates for their donations and support to date, your help walking the line is much needed…this show of solidarity is the best morale booster. Coffee and donuts are good too; union shop gift cards are even better.

Please make cheques payable to: UFCW 1400 Strike Fund

Mail cheques to:  SFL Office

#220 – 2445 13th Avenue

Regina SK S4P 0W1


Brothers and Sisters,

Your executive would like to remind everyone that all employees have the right to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment. If you have any questions about the process please look at article 1.01 and Appendix “G” of the collective agreement.

Harassment can be defined as any action {verbal,psychological or physical} on a single or repeated basis which humiliates, insults or degrades and is known or thought reasonably to be known to be known to be unwelcome by the victim of the harassment.

Harassment can include but is not limited to; unwanted comments, slurs, racist or sexist jokes, pictures or posters, bullying or intimidation, graffiti,physical contact of any kind, remarks about a person’s appearance or personal life, unwelcome sexual advances or demands, suggestive looks or  gestures.

We can’t make people like each other. But we can, through concrete action, promote mutual respect for one another. Let’s all work together to show one another respect.


In Solidarity.

Darrel Deck

We are deeply saddened to inform you that brother Darrell Deck unexpectedly passed away on Friday. Darrell was not only a great union brother who represented the members of USW Local 6673 and 5890 through chain bargaining for many years. He was also a great friend to many of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Darrell was first and foremost a loving husband to his beautiful wife and the proud father of his wonderful children in which he loved very much.

Darrell’s passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, but also Darrell has left us with many wonderful memories and stories that will continue to put a smile on our faces for a lifetime to come.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Deck family

Rest in peace my friend.

Solidarity Forever