What Values

The following is a training exercise that teaches supervisors how to weaken the Unions credibility amongst it’s members. Supervisors are instructed to do the following whenever possible. How much of this do you witness in our workplace?

1). Violate the spirit of the collective agreement.

2). Attempt to get employees to make deals that violate and undermine the collective agreement.

3). Undermine the Union to new employees.

4). Pressure, harass and discipline employee’s unfairly.

5). Abuse time limits on grievances so the members blame the union.

6). Force grievances to the Arbitration process attempting to waste union resources, time and money.

7). Stall grievances leaving them for bargaining in an attempt to trade off with other issues.

8). Using blame the union tactics such as slow grievance process, poor moral, rivalries between ethnic groups, stalled negotiations etc.

9). Promote company favorites (Step-Up Supervisors).

10). Supervisors doing bargaining unit work.

11). Abuse of the seniority system and job classifications.

12). Contracting out.

13). Favoritism for overtime.

14). Showing favoritism to anti-union employee’s.

15). Presenting incentive gifts such as pizza, hamburger & hot dogs as a way to try and buy your loyalty.

16). Creating company a value system that is not followed by supervisors or managers.

17). Creating rumors and deception in the workplace.

18). Discrediting the union, it’s officers, stewards and committee persons.

19). By passing the union at every opportunity.

20). Using anti-union propaganda.

This is YOUR union! Trust in it, for it will not lead you wrong. Stand up for whats right and fight back! 

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  1. Greetings USW local 5890 Regina. Marko Bojcun of Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity Campaign in London, emailing you from Kyiv, Ukraine where I am on a fact finding mission for the campaign to support the Kryviy Rih miners.
    Yours in solidarity!

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