Contracting out Grievance resolution

The Grievance Committee has resolved a dispute at step 2 where a contractor was untilized to do  bargaining unit work (weld repair) when a 5890 member had entered his name for overime in the overtime book. The agrieved brother was paid the appropriate rate and hours as a resolution.

Kronos Swipe Card Grievance Update

Member’s at the meeting on Nov 19th through a motion from the floor voted in favor of sending four group grievances in regard to Kronos to arbitration. These have now been filed with the Company and we await their response.

Be proud of your Local and stand together Brother’s & Sister’s! Know that your executive has heard you loud & clear as a membership. We agree and in support of that have responed. Keep in mind that this is something that will not be solved quickly. It will take time and our reslove will be strong, yours should be too.

Solidarity Forever!

Resignation of Ian Gretchen

The Union would like to inform the membership that Ian Gretchen has tendered his resignation as President along with all other committees and functions within the Local. In keeping with the local by-laws of the USW, Corey Liebrecht now holds the position of President. The vacancy for Vice President will be filled accordingly by the Local Union Executive ASAP.

In Solidarity

Surveillance Camera Grievance Update

Corey Liebrecht

UPDATE: This grievance has moved to step #3 and was discussed during a meeting with Human Resources (HR) held June 28th. During that meeting it was agreed to place this file in Abeyance. This means we have granted the company 60 days from this date to respond further. During this time, the Union has continued gathering information to strenghten its position on this file. Anyone wishing to make a written statement pertaining to this group grievance is encouraged do so. Please submit it to a Steward or Executive member of the Local.