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Tubular Layoffs

To our Members,

As many of you have seen in the recent weeks the company has taken a different approach to the layoff procedure. Simply put, the company is attacking our Seniority. If you feel you have been laid-off improperly or displaced improperly please contact a shop steward.

A number of grievances have already been filed and we expect many more to come. The company is set on doing things the way they want regardless of what the C.B.A states. We have told the company that this local will not sit idly by nor forget this company’s attack on our members seniority. That’s what this is, an attack on your seniority rights.

Remember please contact a steward so we can get a grievance started on your behalf

In Solidarity

Wage Issues from COVID


The Union has inquired as to how the company plans on compensating our members for Covid related issues. Either being told to stay home and self-quarantine or whatever by SHA or Dr. Radford. Well below is the companies response to our inquiry. Once again, if you feel you have contacted Covid from work, we recommend you file a WCB claim.

The following is the Companies response…

Employees that had their Tuesday November 17th shift cancelled will receive 4 hours compensation.  This should appear on this next payroll run.

The company is not telling employees they are unfit for work due to COVID.  Through contact tracing, employees are in communication with SHA (811) or Dr. Radford and they are making the medical determination regarding requirement to self-monitor, self-quarantine or take a COVID-19 test.  We are communicating and reinforcing those directives from Dr. Radford and/or SHA when required.  Individuals who are not exhibiting any symptoms of illness and are asymptomatic are not eligible for Short Term Disability benefits through the company group plan with Canada Life and will need to apply for a leave through EI.  An ROE will be issued to these employees and there are EI leaves available for COVID-19 related reasons such as mandatory self-isolation. Symptomatic employees that are sick would qualify for the Short Term Disability plan and should apply for benefits.  There is also a COVID-19 related illness specific form that also needs to be filled out that initiates the application process without a formal Attending Physician’s Statement knowing that employees won’t be able to get in to see their doctor.

If there are members who have concerns with reaching their pensionable hours due to COVID-19 quarantines, please have them reach out to HR & Payroll and we can assess.

A Survey of Workers’ Experiences during a Pandemic

Please take some time out to participate in A survey put together from the USW designed to learn about your experiences as a worker during a pandemic.

The survey was put together by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), with help from researchers at the Institute of Work & Health and Duke University in North Carolina. We also had input from a number of health and safety union staff representatives, who told us about the concerns and questions their members have.

If you feel uncomfortable answering a particular question, please just skip it. The survey takes roughly 15 minutes.

All the information collected in this survey is confidential. Only the researchers directly involved in this project will see all the answers. The team will not keep any information that could identify you or others. All the data we collect will be stored on a secure server. We intend to use the data collected for research and to share with research organizations for the end purpose of improving pandemic working conditions. The data, analysis and related information may be used in presentations, websites, and union, trade, and academic publications.


To All Our Members,

With the rapid increase in the number of members being told to stay home for the 14 day self quarantine for close contact or whatever reason under the scope of COVID, your local is recommending the following;

If you believe you have contacted Covid 19 through a transmission at work apply for Workers Compensation. Nobody knows the lasting damage this will do on your health and you could need the paper trail later down the road. You also receive pensionable service on W.C.B

The other 2 options are to apply for Short Term Disability and E.I. Right now the company is pushing E.I and taking zero financial responsibility.

The local has inquired as to where the decision has come from to not cover under S.T.D and so far no response to that. We have also inquired as to the status of pay for the individuals who were told by management they would be paid for being told to stay home and also, no response to that.

We understand the frustration surrounding Covid and are working hard to get answers. The Union is also fighting to be involved with contact tracing and the investigations of each matter as the come up. The company believes the Union has no right to participate or right to know. Health and Safety is a joint effort, regardless of what some people in the company believe.


Brother’s and Sister’s,

In recent days we have seen a spike in cases and members being directed to self-isolate. Please, for the protection of your co-workers, family members, friends ,etc follow the guidelines and STAY HOME if you are sick.

We must all work together to stop/reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Wear your mask – inside, on your way inside, all the time.   
  • Maintain your social distance, wherever possible
  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay home if you are sick

Displacement Memo

Brother’s and Sister’s

Last week in Tubular the company put out a “Displacement Memo” and it says below,

Due to economic conditions, we will be reducing the workforce in Tubular and Maintenance. As a result, the following employees will be impacted by this reduction and will be displaced effective end of shift November 28, 2020.
As per Article 12.10 (m) Displaced Employees, and in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between U.S.W. Local 5890 and Evraz Inc. Na., in the event that an employee cannot retain a position in their own line, or a job which is not within a line of progression, a displaced employee may apply (by filling out a bump form) for another job. A displaced employee wishing to exercise their bumping rights must do so within ten (10) calendar days from the time of displacement

Let us be clear, under 12.10 [l]

Production and Maintenance Employees Only
In the event of cutback or lay-off, an employee shall be
deemed to have the right to a position that is lower in that line
of progression and will regress down their line to a position
which they can hold. You shall regress as you progress and
progress as you regress.

Another words you are not Displaced until you can not hold in your Line of Progression.

Business Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday afternoon members of your Executive met with the company regarding business conditions and manpower. Below is a run-down of what was discussed.


Melt Shop will run on 4 crews through February 2021

Rolling Mill will go down to 2 crews in Mid December 2020

Slitter is going up to 2 crews


Spiral Legacy Mills will be idle on Nov 25, 2020. Layoff notices should be out today for roughly 35-45 members. In 2 weeks they expect to take the Finishing 1 line down and the company expects to issue layoff notices for roughly 70 more members then. On December 15,2020 they expect Mill 5 to be run out and that will affect roughly 60 members. Finishing 2 line is expected to run until Jan 15,2021 which would then have layoff notices for the remainder of Spiral. Wasco coating is roughly 30 days behind so they are unsure how many will be needed in the Yard at this time.

24 Inch Mill, they will go up on Jan 9, 2021 for roughly 2.5 months running at 2 welding and 2 finishing crews

2 Inch Mill is expected to stay on current level till spring break up.

Please remember to work safely

3rd Qrt Profit Sharing 2020

3rd Quarter Results

Our financial performance for the third quarter of 2020 resulted in profit sharing payment for employees under the plan.  The payout will be $0.76 per eligible hour bonus payment for qualifying employees deposited into your bank account by November 6, 2020.

Our Q3 financial results benefited from accounting adjustments permitted under the plan and from payments received from the Canadian government under the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program, which offset some of Q3 expenses. Without these adjustments, our financial performance would not have resulted in a payment for the quarter under the terms of the plan.  


Brother’s and Sister’s,

Yesterday afternoon we received an update regarding the number of questions and concerns relating to response times and members’ benefits. The company has hired 2 new members to the Benefits Department. Melissa Albert and Melanie Lamoureux. It is our understanding though that these individuals will be based out of Calgary assisting Karen Graham Banman who is here in Regina.

If it is unclear whether a backlog issue has been resolved, the Benefits Team will reach out to our employees with an inquiry along the lines of: ‘We’re working through the Benefits backlog and want to make sure we are addressing any open issues. We want to confirm your question has been answered, please let us know if that is not the case’.
We also ask that our employees continue to use the department contacts rather than reaching out to individual team members within the departments. This will help to en-sure the best possible coverage and response times.

Payroll Department Email Address for Canada
Payroll Department Toll-Free Phone Number
Benefits Department Email Address
Benefits Department Toll-Free Phone Number

Their initial priority is to focus on resolving medical and dental coverage issues. All necessary updates have been made in Workday for medical and dental coverage through at least October 9 and will continue to be updated.

If you are emailing one of the company contacts please include one of your top 5 executive members to that email,

Mike Day-

Ryan McKenzie-

Steve Olson-

Dana Faul-

Tory Sand-

Sask. Party must come clean on plans for working people

With only a week until the provincial election, the Sask. Party needs to be clear about their plans for working people in the province, and whether or not they are planning on bringing forward anti-worker labour legislation and privatizing public services that Saskatchewan people rely on, should they be re-elected.

“We’ve seen past Sask. Party governments pass labour legislation that attempted to take away a workers right to strike, and make it more difficult for workers to unionize,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. “We’ve also seen past Sask. Party governments sell-off crown corporations and make deep cuts to health care and education. “With the provincial election just days away, the Sask. Party needs to come clean on their plans for working people in the province.”

Johb pointed to Alberta, where the UCP government has passed draconian labour legislation that weakens worker rights, takes away overtime pay for workers, and limits a unions ability to advocate on behalf of its members. At their convention last weekend, the UCP passed a resolution to support American-style “right to work” legislation that lowers wages and limits worker rights. The UCP also recently announced plans to fire 11,000 public healthcare workers.

“The Sask. Party needs to be upfront with Saskatchewan people about whether or not they would support introducing similar anti-worker legislation and if they would support making cuts that put jobs and healthcare at risk during a pandemic like their Conservative counterparts in Alberta,” Johb said. “Working people in Saskatchewan deserve to know what the Sask. Party’s plans are before they cast their ballot.”

Brother Brent Evans

Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that on Wednesday Oct 7,2020 we lost one of our brothers, Brent Evans. Brent has been a member of 5890 since 1990 and gone to soon at the age of 63. Today there is a private service to remember Brent. Please keep Brent, his wife Bridget and the rest of the Evans Family in your prayers.

B15 Letter of Understanding

Brothers and Sisters,

After many discussions with the company regarding the B15 [hollywood ] Shift, the Union and Company have come to a resolution.

The Union and company recognize the B15 as a preferable shift. 

The schedule rotates completely in a three week cycle and as such it is agreed that for the B15 and only the B15 schedule, Article 8.09/2/(iii) shall be substituted with the following

In determining the number of hours worked in any 21 day period (B15 only), all regularly scheduled straight time hours plus regularly scheduled hours worked on a Stat holiday will be included. The first eight hours over 120 in the 21-day period will be paid at 1.5 times the employee’s base hourly rate and all additional hours over 128 in the 21-day period will be paid at two times the employee’s base hourly rate.

Either party may withdraw from this agreement by giving 21 days written notice.

Steel 2 Crew Thursday day shift

Brother’s and Sister’s from the Steel Division,

There appears to be some confusion on the companies schedules regarding the Thursday day shift. The Company and Union agreed that the Thursday day shift would be scheduled as a 12 hour shift but the last 4 hours would be the dead shift that the company didn’t intend to work but if they did the company agreed to post as the C.B.A states under article 8.09,

Any employee willing to work on their designated dead shift
will place their name on a list provided for such purpose on
a month to month basis. The month notice never happened. The local would like to remind it’s members of Article 9.01 which states,

The Company shall give notice of overtime as far in advance
as is practical. All overtime work shall be voluntary.

Governments Could Stop Layoffs at Evraz Steel

REGINA, Saskatchewan & VANCOUVER, British Columbia & TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– National and Western Canada leaders of the United Steelworkers union (USW) say news of pending layoffs at Evraz Steel in Regina is the result of the federal government’s failure to commit to use Canadian products in Canadian infrastructure projects.

“It should not happen that one Canadian company can decide not to use Canadian steel products in its infrastructure projects,” said USW National Director Ken Neumann. “Our government has failed to protect Canadian jobs and does not even have a Canadian-made procurement strategy for public infrastructure projects, let alone private projects that impact our economic future.”

Steelworkers’ jobs at the Regina pipe mill are in jeopardy after it was learned that an order to make 48-inch pipe for energy infrastructure company TC Energy in Northern Alberta has been given to an offshore company.

July C.O.L.A Adjustment

The CPI figure for July was released on August 19, 2020. Per the Collective Agreement, the following calculation will apply:

July 2020 141.4
April 2020 138.7
Difference 2.7
Divide difference by .063 = $0.42

Effective with the first pay period after the release, COLA will be $1.33 per straight-time hour worked, as it was previously $.91

Evraz Business Outlook

Brothers and Sisters,

Earlier this week members of your Executive met with Company Executives to discuss the Evraz Business Outlook for 2021. As mentioned in previous posts, the future doesn’t look promising. Here is a breakdown of how things look for the next few months and into 2021.

STEEL DIVISION– Plan is to stay around the same crewing level as current and up to 3 crews in the Melt Shop around October


24″ mill has a small order that will take that mill into roughly the 3rd week in Sept. After that the order book is empty.

2″ mill will go back up to 1 crew around the time the 24″ runs out and that crewing level is expected to stay the same until June 2021.

Spiral Mill has the TMX order that is expected to weld out late November to early December.

We were very optimistic that another NGTL order was going to take us into the first few months of 2021. Unfortunately Evraz was not awarded that order and currently has no work on the books for 2021. At this time we are unsure which company was awarded that job but regardless if it was a U.S company or Over-Seas company it’s very concerning that a Canadian Infrastructure project will not be using Canadian Material made by Canadian Workers.

What does this mean for our Tubular Members? Well, we have been told that the company intends on keeping roughly 15 members for the 2″ mill. The company’s words were “deep cuts” and we could see that to be over 500 members laid off in December.

This is a very tough and trying time and the company is actively looking for more work but the fact is there is limited projects in Canada and the projects into the U.S, we can’t compete with thanks to the U.S President. We must remain focused on our work and the safety of one and other.

In Solidarity

Q2 profit sharing

Brothers and Sisters,

2nd Quarter Results

Our financial performance for the second quarter of 2020 resulted in profit sharing payment for employees under the Quarterly Bonus Plan. The payout will be $1.21 per eligible hour bonus payment for qualifying employees deposited into your bank account by August 21, 2020.

Our Q2 results benefited from favorable foreign exchange rates related to company financial transactions during the quarter

Safety Boot Reimbursement

Please see below regarding reimbursement of safety boots.

As per Article 14.03, the Company will subsidize the cost of safety boots to a maximum of 75%.
Previously, at the time of purchase, employees were required to pay 25% of the cost of boots when purchasing from Work Authority and Mark’s Work Warehouse with these companies direct billing EVRAZ Regina for the remaining 75%.
Effective immediately, EVRAZ Regina no longer has an account with Mark’s Work Warehouse.
• Employees purchasing boots from Work Authority will continue to pay 25% of the cost of boots at the time of sale, with Work Authority direct billing the Company for the remaining 75%.
• Employees purchasing boots from any other supplier will be required to pay 100% of the cost of boots at the time of sale and submit their receipt to for a 75% reimbursement.

Railway Medical Report

For Steel Yard members,

We received communication from the company regarding the Government of Sask guidelines that require any employee working in  the railway safety position  to meet certain minimum standards of medical fitness (mental and physical). In this context, the Company will sponsor medical examination using company doctor, Dr. Radford, on the company time and the company expense. There will be approximately 40 Steel employees  who will be required to go through this railway medical examinations between now and September 20, 2020. Those employees who want to go through their family physician have this option available to them at their own expense and time.

The Union has requested a meeting to discuss this and the company should not have started moving forward with this without discussion with the Union. We have asked them to cease until we can have a meeting which we hope is within the next week. Our position is simple, you have every right to go to your own physician and the company should be paying for the medical needed. Not in essence forcing you to go see the company contracted physician.

These Government regulations appear to have been in place for some time now so to the company, what was/is the hurry now? Why not do what is right and discuss with the Union prior as we are the sole agent for our members?

It is your right to see your physician at anytime!!

In Solidarity.