CUPW’s struggle is our struggle

CUPW is one of the largest unions in the country and as such might as well have a bullseye painted on it’s head. If we allow our own government corporation to shut down this union and take away their pensions and continue to pay women 30% less than male workers it will be the death knoll of the labour movement in Canada. Every neoliberal of course salivates at the thought of our perfectly good crown corporations being defunded to the point of nonfunctioning and then sold off to the lowest oligarch bidder. Crown corporations were created to fulfill a need OTHER THAN seeking profit. This dominant culture of the individual has divided us into winners and losers, and even the losers are brainwashed into thinking they are winners by embracing greed and entitled superiority as their own, even when they are slowly but surely enslaved and economically compromised by the very politicians and elites that they support and vote for. Continue reading CUPW’s struggle is our struggle

Dead Shift

It has come to the attention of the Union that since roughly April 1, 2016 some members have not been getting paid for their dead shift. Please go back and check your pay stubs and if you feel there is some discrepancy please contact a Union Steward.


In Solidarity


Over the past while there has been some questions on how overtime is to distributed. Please read the language bellow for an understanding.

Article 9.09         Overtime Distribution

 Rotating Overtime

The Company shall attempt to rotate and spread overtime work as evenly as possible among the employees in the department of which the overtime occurs. It is understood that permanent employees shall have preference in the selection of overtime.

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160 hrs in 28 days

For all Steel employee’s who have not been paid overtime for working over 160 hours, there is a group grievance being filed with the company. Please keep track of your hours till there is a resolve to this matter. The Union has also requested that employee’s remain on the B15 shift until this matter is resolved.

USW 5890 Pension Seminar

May 3rd & 4th
Eagles Club
1600 Halifax Street

Senior USW staff will be in attendance to go over details and answer any questions you may have regarding our Pension plans, as well as address current market conditions and outlook for the Canadian Steel industry.
Please take this opportunity to come out and ask questions and find out how you will be impacted in the future.

Today from Rachel Notley

Today, in Montreal, I delivered the following message to hundreds of Steelworkers from around the country:
Quite frankly, Albertans can’t continue to support Canada’s economy, unless Canada supports us.
So I come here today to say let’s put aside divisive battles and let’s work together. We need to open up new markets by building a modern and carefully regulated pipeline to tidewater, because it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure that the energy exports that ARE permitted under the Climate Leadership Plan get the best possible world price.
We must get this done, or everybody loses.
We must open up new markets for our energy.
We must get to “yes” on a new pipeline.
(Photo: United Steelworkers – Syndicat des Métallos)


The Own It! Campaign and Project: Community have partnered to host all-candidates debates on Crowns and public services in Moose Jaw, Regina, Prince Albert, and Saskatoon.

All parties were invited. Only the Sask. Party issued an outright refusal to participate in any of the debates.

The Sask. Party: they’re just #NotListening.

For details on the debates,

The SFL represents over 100,000 working people across the province in Sask.

Where is My CBA book?????

November 22

A grievance has been filed with the Company to get the CBA printed.

November 10

The 2 outstanding articles from the last contract have been agreed to by both the company and the union. Lump sum payments have been awarded to members who were  on W.C.B and summer students at that time. The second article was the language around the dates for the Health Spending Account.
The proof reading of the Collective agreement is now completed by the Union and we fully expect new C.B.A’s to be printed for each member as was stated to the company at the proposal exchange meeting in May.

February 15

The Union has been fielding a lot of questions around the current state of the last CBA.  We the Local Union Executive want to keep you, the members, as informed as possible.  We have proof read the CBA 3 times, pointing out errors and corrections that needed changing.  Evraz has agreed to correct all the errors that we pointed out.  Except one, “Lump Sum Payment”, Article 15.01.  Below you will find 2 different interpretations of Article 15.01, as it has appeared before the Union;

1st– Evraz’s interpretation as shown to the Union, in the CBA proof reading document.
2nd– The original document that Evraz and the Union signed off on.

This is how Evraz has presented the “Lump Sum Payment” in the proof reading of the CBA.

Article 15.01

  • Effective upon ratification a $3,000 lump sum payment in lieu of a base wage increase will be paid to all employees active on the seniority list
  • Effective upon ratification a $2,000 lump sum payment in lieu of a base wage increase will be paid to all employees active on the seniority list
  • Effective Aug 1, 2015 a $1,500 lump sum payment in lieu of a base wage increase will be paid to all employees active on the seniority list.

The Union disagrees with what the company has inserted into the CBA.
What was presented to the Union during Monetary Bargaining?
Below you will find exactly how it appeared on the original document that the Bargaining Committee signed off on Dec/2014.

II) Compensation:
A) Lump Sum Payments in Lieu of Base Wage Increase:

  • Ratification          $3,000 Lump Sum Payment (4.70% of base) paid in firstpay period                                January 2015 following ratification
                                  $2,000 Lump Sum Payment paid following ratification in the                                          pay period in January 2015 following ratification.
  • August 1, 2015 $1,500 Lump Sum Payment (2.31% of base)

As you can see, there is a difference between what was signed off on and what Evraz is trying to insert into the CBA.

The Union takes 2 positions;

  • Members on Long Term Disability and Summer Students were entitled to the Lump Sum Payments
  • Evraz is going back on what the Union and Evraz signed off on in “Good Faith Bargaining”

 At no time during bargaining “Lump Sum Payments” did Evraz ever bring up any sort of restrictions/requirements to receive this money.  The Union is currently waiting on the Legal Department of the USW to review the evidence collected by the Local Union.  Upon the review of all the evidence an arbitration date will be set.  We are disappointed in the position that Evraz has taken but we will continue to challenge Evraz on the agreements that were made during Bargaining 2014.

Job Evaluation – Cranes

Members of the Job Evaluation Committee have agreed to the following changes for Tubular and Steel Cranes.

CURRENT JOB CLASS                                           PROPOSED JOB CLASS

Spiral Mill Crane                         11                                                                              16

Steel Tap Crane                           18                                                                             20

Steel Charge crane                      12                                                                             15

Steel Scrap Crane                        9                                                                                13

Steel Slab Crane                           12                                                                              17


We have been advised by payroll that they expect the reflected changes to include retro completed for the Dec 18th pay.


In Solidarity

Darrel Deck

We are deeply saddened to inform you that brother Darrell Deck unexpectedly passed away on Friday. Darrell was not only a great union brother who represented the members of USW Local 6673 and 5890 through chain bargaining for many years. He was also a great friend to many of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Darrell was first and foremost a loving husband to his beautiful wife and the proud father of his wonderful children in which he loved very much.

Darrell’s passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, but also Darrell has left us with many wonderful memories and stories that will continue to put a smile on our faces for a lifetime to come.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Deck family

Rest in peace my friend.

Solidarity Forever

Chain/ corporate contracting out meeting

Members from your local Bargaining Committee were in Calgary on Nov 9th &10th to meet with the Calgary Bargaining team{usw 6673} and Evraz management.  The 9th  was our first chain meeting between the 2 locals. It was good to get the 2 locals together and put together a rough timeline of all the work that we will need to complete to be fully prepared for bargaining. We talked about what was effective and what needed improvement through the bargaining process and have identified some things we hope to change.

The second day had us in meetings with Evraz management to discuss Long Term Capitol Investment/Corporate Contracting Out. Management talked about the ongoing expansion in both Regina Steel and Tubular divisions. It was good to hear them say they look at the investment in the Steel division as a 25 year investment. On the downside to that though they are predicting a lower output but hope to be running full by Jan 2017. For the Tubular division, orders look good for large diameter. The 2 inch mill will still be at a high level of uncertainty. The company is still fighting the reduction on Imports and the ability for us to make the steel is advantageous for us.

Discussion then moved on to the Contracting out and the issues around that. Though some issues between Calgary and Regina were similar the biggest common concern was the Apprenticeship Program and the fact that no new employee’s have been joining the program.We also laid out issues we have with the new Mill 5 expansion,Finishing 2 project, Dj expansion and maintenance contracting out. All of the talks seemed to fall on receptive ears from the company and hopefully they will give us responses to the issues in a timely matter.


In Solidarity

The Leader Post from USW Canadian National Director Ken Neumann

Dear Leader-Post Editor,

The photo printed with the headline “Tory Candidates Laud Pipeline Industry” (Oct. 9) was carefully staged to show pipe produced at Evraz stored outside the fence of Tesco Mechanical, the company hosting this Conservative campaign stunt.

The story did not mention that Tesco itself uses pipe imported from China, which does not support employment at Evraz in Regina.

It did correctly report, “The candidates did not make any new announcements in regards to new projects or investments.” Certainly, the Conservative government has not done anything to prevent Chinese steel producers from exploiting unfair competitive advantages by undercutting internationally-recognized labour and environmental standards.

The new trans-Pacific trade deal negotiated by Conservatives in secret during the election campaign will facilitate importing pipe from Japan and Korea, as opposed to manufacturing pipe in Canada.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has consistently supported a west-east pipeline, subject to a proper environmental review process. Unlike proposals running west or south from the Alberta oil sands, a pipeline going east would have the capacity to transport Saskatchewan oil and keep refining jobs in our country.

The Conservatives offer nothing but photo ops and empty rhetoric about pipe manufacturing jobs. By contrast, the NDP’s fair trade policies would limit the dumping of steel from offshore into the Canadian market, encouraging the use of pipe produced in Regina.

The NDP has better policies to support good Canadian jobs and is the only party that can replace Conservatives in Regina.

Ken Neumann,

United Steelworkers Canadian National Director and former IPSCO employee

A message from United Steelworkers District 3 Director Stephen Hunt

In recent times Labour Day has been seen as the last long weekend of the summer, but it should, and it does, mean so much more.  It’s a time to celebrate the sacrifices made by each generation of workers that have resulted in a better life for every Canadian.

By looking back we can appreciate how far we’ve come.  From the very beginnings of our union, Steelworkers have never backed down from a fight.  Emboldened by the strength and solidarity that has been the hallmark of the USW, our union has been at the forefront of every struggle to improve working conditions for women and men in Canada, and around the world.  And we know that our work is far from done.

This October 19th, working people have an unprecedented opportunity to elect a federal government that is truly on our side.  Voters from every part of our country are looking to the NDP like never before and we are set to make history.  We can elect Tom Mulcair as Prime Minister of the first New Democratic Party government in Canadian history.  But it will only happen if we work for it!

I know that Steelworkers are up to the task, so this Labour Day let us commit ourselves as never before.  Let’s talk to one more friend, knock on one more door, make one more phone call, put up one more sign and take one more person with us to vote.  In doing so, we will have honoured the workers that came before us and will have contributed to electing a government that will ensure a brighter future for working people everywhere.

Health Spending Account

As per article 17.10 of  the  collective agreement,for all employees active on the seniority list who have completed 750 hours in the previous year, Evraz contributes $100 annually to your HSA account. With that being said the $100 form this year will expire on December 31,2015.

UT/RT lines of progression and wage increases

 A 3rd Step Grievance meeting was held on Aug. 21st.  The Union Grievance Committee met with local Evraz Management.  A Union grievance, over UT/RT lines of progression and wage increases was discussed.  Management informed the Union that by Sept. 15 all Tubular lines of progression will be completed, with retro pay to follow.  Please watch your paystubs for wage increases and back pay.  New lines of progression should be posted shortly after.  Please check the list and ensure that your name is in the proper order and line of progression.  Contact a shop steward with any concerns.