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Bargaining Update


The Joint Bargaining Committees (6673 and 5890) have completed five more days of negotiations with Evraz since the Special Meetings held on October 20. All Non-Monetary issues have been resolved except for two subjects. One joint Article (12.17 transfer to a supervisory position) which address’s time lines and rules for step up or temporary supervisors and Appendix E which address’s Lines of Progression and jobs subject to bumping.


Both parties have agreed to meet again on November 9th and 10th and again the week of November 14 for further negotiations. Both parties have agreed that the intent of the next round of negotiations is to achieve an agreement that 5890 and 6673 members can ratify. We anticipate this process to be complete by November 18. The Bargaining Committee’s have made it clear to Evraz that if we can’t achieve an agreement by November 18 then both locals will be returning to their members and considering their options that were discussed on October 20.



Election Notice

Considering that the Sask Party and their leader are now openly musing about bringing in “Right-to-Work” legislation and considering allowing for workers to have the “option of voluntarily paying union dues” (or opting out) the labour movement  needs to pull out all of the stops to get as many non-Sask Party candidates elected next Monday. This kind of legislation has in the past in other jurisdictions  caused the elimination of Unions which generally lowers every workers rights in the workplace.

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Bargaining Update

The joint 5890 and 6673 Bargaining Committee just completed 3 more days of negotiations with Evraz. There was some progress made in Non-Monetary issues.

During these three days the Bargaining Committee has been working towards a solution and agreement with Evraz on Articles  5.02, 12.17, 14.14 and 14.15. There are still several other important outstanding Non-monetary issues that need to be negotiated to an agreement. All outstanding Office and Technical issues ( Articles 12.02 (a)(ii), 12.09, 12.10 (l) and Appendix A)  have tentative agreements.

Both parties have agreed to meet again next week on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd to continue negotiations.

Inter Plant Transfer

Here is a memo that the Company put out  regarding Inter Plant transfers to Calgary in times of lay off:

According to article 12.15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Inter-Plant Transfers, employees laid off from Regina Tubular will have the opportunity to transfer to other plant sites. The Calgary Works Division and Regina Steel Division have several entry level production positions available. Employees willing to transfer will have to cover their own expenses (accommodation, meals, etc.) while in Calgary.

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Special Meeting

The Bargaining Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the Special Meetings on Thursday. It was an uplifting experience to see everyone in our Union come together and support themselves and their Bargaining Committee with the goal of achieving a a fair and equitable contract that ensures all of us and our  families futures.


Special Meeting Reminder

TIME: 7:30 AM, 1:30 PM AND 7:30 PM (Three separate meetings so everyone can can attend)



*Note – Regular monthly business will be conducted at the 1:30 PM meeting in addition to the Bargaining Update

Bargaining/Mediation Update


As was reported on September 28 mediation between locals 5890/6673 and Evraz was scheduled for October 13. Since that time both parties have been in contact with a mediator assigned by the Alberta labour board.

The mediator has heard both parties and has been approved by the Alberta Labour Relations board to issue a report that both sides are too far apart for the mediation process to produce a settlement.

Special Meeting

Since Mediation is now complete there will be a Special Meeting on October 20 at 7:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM to be held at the Hungarian Club (Mcara and Park Ave). The Bargaining Committee will present a report of both Non-monetary and Monetary issues on the Bargaining Table.

(Please note regular monthly business will be conducted at the 1:30 PM meeting)

Bargaining Dates

The Bargaining Committees for both 6673 and 5890 have proposedthe following dates to Evraz to resume bargaining:

 October 26, 27, 28 and November 1, 2, 3, 9, 10

(As of today these are tentative dates)

Why Unions Matter

Are unions more of a problem than a solution today?

Anti-union sentiment has accelerated since the global crisis of 2008 brought economies to their knees and left public finances in a mess.

Widespread frustration with fragile growth and soaring debt has been channeled towards unions, which are increasingly characterized as an elite, irrelevant, and a drag on the economy.

But consider this: No country has ever achieved widespread prosperity and created a large middle class without strong unions.

Generations of hard-fought union struggles brought Canadians the eight-hour day and the weekend; workplace health and safety legislation and employment standards; income supports for new parents and training for unemployed workers; public pensions and minimum wages; protections for injured workers and equal pay for equal work.

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United Way Kick Off

The United Way fund raising drive kicks off next week!

Lets make this years drive one of our best ever  from Local 5890. Don’t forget that your donations arematched dollar for dollar by EVRAZ.

We, the members of local 5890, have consistently shown over the past 40+ years that we support the united way and its funded partners. Lets not make it any different this year.
To kick the drive off  there will be the breakfast and at least 4 draws for prizes. We can always  use more canvassers if anyone has some time and would like to help.  Volunteers please give the Union office a call (569-9663).

Thanks in advance for supporting the UNITED WAY.

Talks Break Down Again bettween US Steelworkers and US Steel in Lock out

Negotiators for the United Steelworkers have walked out of talks seeking an end to the bitter 10-month lockout at US Steel in Hamilton.

In a letter sent to all Hamilton Works employees Tuesday, the company warned the future of the former Stelco plant is at stake.

US Steel says the union’s actions make it clear that a negotiated end to the labour dispute is not in sight.

Union leaders, who left the negotiations Friday but made no public announcement because of a news blackout, will update Local 1005 members at a meeting Thursday night.

The 900 workers have been surviving on about two-thirds of their normal pay since being locked out in November in a dispute over pension plans.

With their employment insurance benefits about to run out, the workers face subsisting on only $200 a week in union strike pay.

Bargaining Update

Your Bargaining Committee and Evraz met again today and yesterday and attempted to settle all outstanding local non-monetary issues. We were partly successful and came to agreement on some sections of articles 12 and 13. There are still several  outstanding important non-monetary issues to our local that have been moved to the main table. These issues will be dealt with when main table bargaining begins again after the mediation process for Local 6673 is completed in Alberta.

In the interim the Company and your Bargaining Commitee have agreed to try to resolve the many outstanding grievances that are scheduled for arbitration. The Grievance Committee will be meeting again over the next few weeks to try and get this work done. As well there is an Office and Technical sub-commitee meeting to resolve some issues.

Thank you for your patience. Remember with SOLIDARITY we will get this process done.

U.S. Steel tables offer to USW Local 1005 workers

U.S. Steel tabled an offer to United Steelworkers Local 1005 on Tuesday as the two sides met for the first time since steelworkers were locked out 10 months ago.

Rolf Gerstenberger, president of Local 1005, said the union is crafting a comprehensive response to the offer.

Trevor Harris, U.S. Steel spokesperson, said it’s expected the two sides will meet next week to discuss that response.

The site of the talks  was not made public and neither side would comment on the negotiations.Earlier this month, U.S. Steel arranged for a provincial mediator, Simon Clark, to be present at the talks. The key issue is pensions.The future of Hamilton Works and hundreds of families hangs in the balance. Soon, unemployment insurance will expire for many workers who will be facing a $200 weekly paycheque, the amount the union offers in strike pay.

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Thompson Manitoba Workers settle difficult contract

THOMPSON — The nearly 1,100 members of the United Steelworkers union in Thompson have ratified a three-year contract with Vale Ltd.

Workers will receive a salary increase of 7.5 per cent over three years as well as pension improvements and cost of living allowances, the union said Friday.

The deal includes hiring clauses meant to help workers laid off when the nickel miner — the former Inco Ltd. — shuts down its Thompson smelting and nickel refining plant permanently in 2015.

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Joint Bargaining Committee update (Non-Monetary and Monetary)

Non-Monetary update

As you know we started local bargaining in May. Non- Monetary bargaining is about improving the language in the agreement as it affects all members every day.  Local issues were discussed by both BargainingCommittees (LU 5890 and 6673 in Regina and Calgary). The next step was main table common (common to both locals) non-monetary bargaining. Both locals began this process roughly 6 weeks ago. Non-Monetary bargaining has gone fairly well. Calgary has settled all their local issues and Regina has several issues outstanding with several days scheduled over the next couple of weeks to work on them.

Although the sessions have been fairly successful there are still outstanding common non-monetary issues in both locals.

Monetary Update

Both locals (5890 and 6673) tabled and exchanged a joint Monetary Package on September 13 with theCompany (We gave the Company our proposals and they gave us theirs). Even though we have exchanged the monetary packages, we have a number of non-monetary issues yet to discuss and as we have said they are important issues.

There are issues in Evraz’s monetary proposals that the Union is concerned with. We are having them reviewed by the Union’s research department before we proceed.

Alberta Mediation

In the meantime to conform to Alberta Labour laws we have adjourned monetary bargaining with the Company and are applying for Mediation in Alberta. The mediation process is mandatory and necessary to keep both locals going in the same direction at the same time. This is what SOLIDARITY is about; we are working together for the greater good of both Locals.

Regular Monthly Meetings

Regular monthly General Membership meetings are scheduled for September 19, in Regina, and September 28, in Calgary. These are normal monthly general membership meetings and very little will be said about bargaining at them. Regular business will be conducted.

Once the mediation process is scheduled and your bargaining committees have a full report from the Unions Research Department in our National Office we will schedule a Special Meeting, to provide all of you,with a detailed update on Local bargaining issues, common non-monetary bargaining issues and common monetary bargaining issues. As soon as the meetings are scheduled we will have posters out with plenty of notice with dates, time and place.


We want to take this time to thank, you the members of United Steelworkers Locals 5890 and6673, for your support, patience and understanding. Our success, so far, is because of your support. To the many who have attended recent meetings and those who will attend future meeting, we thank you.



Bargaining Update and Order Picture

The Bargaining Committee just met for two days with the Company on non-monetary issues. There were two articles settled with improvements (Article 6.04 and Article 8.00). The Company and the Union have moved closer on a few other issues.

After the session was completed the Company informed the Executive Commitee of the order picture in coming months. According to the Company by  mid October welding in spiral will be complete which will affect coil prep, the spiral mills, and yard employment levels. Two weeks after welding is complete the finishing lines should be done finishing the order. This is all expected to cause layoffs.

According to the Company the 2′ mill  should go back to full production (4 shifts)  when the steelmill can provide coils.

According to the Company the 24″ mill will be  unaffected.

Steel side employment levels will depend on new orders of steel to replace the spiral orders (eg. service center orders)

According to the Company (today) the level of cutbacks  will be up to 250 people in tubular. The Steel numbers as of today are uncertain.

We want to remind all members to remember that these types of events have happened in the past when orders  are complete and that this is not just happening during or because we are in bargaining.


Steel Division Lines of Progression

The issue of Lines of Progression lists has been a topic several times during bargaining, specifically the question was asked why the Company did not produce a Line of Progression list every quarter or even in the last two years. After several discussions the Company has agreed finally to produce and post an accurate list of all the Lines of Progression in the Steel Division. The documents will be displayed on the Company’s “My Evraz” internal website as well as below. Please check the lists and and make sure they are correct. If you find a mistake please contact either Kevin Snell or Marcus Zeigler.

Steel Rolling Mill LOP August 30, 2011

Steel Melt Shop LOP August 30, 2011