Brother’s and Sister’s

Please be advised that the bereavement language, new transition rates, night shift premiums, rates and cola  are now in affect.

Retro for night shift premium for Sept 13 to 16 will be paid on October 6th

Sept 17 the new cola rates went into affect and retro for Cola will also be paid on October 6th. Those dates are Aug 1, 2016 to Sept 16,2017.

As of October 1,2017 your new job class rates will be in affect. Retro for Aug 1st, 2017 to Sept 30, 2017 will be paid on October 20th, 2017.

Lump Sum to be paid on October 20th,2017. Which can be put into a DPSP account through Great West Life. That account info must be put in by October 6th,2017

Vacation Requests

As March 15th approaches please remember to get your vacation requests submitted in accordance with the following article.


Article 11.01
Each employee shall be entitled to an annual vacation with pay in accordance with the employee’s length of service as provided in the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act. Eligibility shall be based on years of continuous or accumulated service as of May 1st of each year.
Annual vacation requests must be submitted by March 15 for the period of May 1 to April 30 of the following year. The approved schedule of annual vacations submitted by March 15 will be posted by April 1. Vacation requests submitted after March 15 will be approved on a first come first serve basis and a response will be provided within two weeks of the request.
The Company shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that an employee’s vacation request is approved, consistent with operational requirements.
Where an employee transfers from one department to another, they shall take their vacation in accordance with the schedule established in their old department, unless there is an adverse operational impact in their new department
The Company agrees to issue any prior year’s vacation pay upon the request of the employee. This request must be made in writing and submitted to the employee’s supervisor.

Where is my C.B.A????

The 2 outstanding articles from the last contract have been agreed to by both the company and the union. Lump sum payments have been awarded to members who were  on W.C.B and summer students at that time. The second article was the language around the dates for the Health Spending Account.

The proof reading of the Collective agreement is now completed by the Union and we fully expect new C.B.A’s to be printed for each member as was stated to the company at the proposal exchange meeting in May.

Spiral Dead Shift

To: EVRAZ Regina Tubular Employees
From: Scott Manson, Director Operation
Date: August 3, 2016
Re: Dead Shift
In accordance with the Letter of Understanding Tubular Division – Dead Shift Agreement,
effective September 3, 2016, Regina Tubular employees will not be scheduled to work the
dead shift until further notice.
If you have any questions, please contact your Supervisor.

Shift Premiums

Article 15.02 Shift Premiums

A shift premium of forty {40} cents additional to the standard hourly rate shall be paid to each employee for hours worked during a second {or afternoon} shift and forty-five{45} cents for hours worked during a third {or night} shift.

Chain Bargaining Update

The bargaining committees from USW Local  5890 & 6673 met in Regina on February 1, 2, 3 2016 to discuss and prepare for collective bargaining coming up. Discussions were held in regards to collective bargaining and we all completed a USW course on bargaining. Dates were also set for future meetings for the committees and our membership.
As always collective bargaining is an important process for all of our members and their families. Your bargaining committee is committed to keeping all of our members informed so watch for further communications to be provided. Meetings are being set up that involve pension education for our members and previewing bargaining proposals.
Your solidarity is important in everything we do. We would like to remind the membership that these bargaining updates come directly from your bargaining committees. Our next chain meeting between the bargaining committees will be held on March 16, 17, 18 2016 in Regina.

Support Your Bargaining Committee!
Solidarity Works!

Vacation Request Reminder

March 15th is fast approaching. This is the date that you have to submit your vacation plans for approval for May 1 2016 to April 30 2017 based on your seniority under the CBA.
After March 15 vacation requests are approved on a first come first serve basis.

Alleged Hot Metal Process Agreement

It has come to the attention of the Union that false facts are being provided to members of 5890. They are being told that there is an agreement between the Union and the Company that if there is hot metal still in process when members shifts end without relief (ex. Layoff) that they are required to work overtime to process left over hot metal.

There is not an agreement of any kind regarding Hot Metal Process. Under Article 9.01 all overtime is voluntary. You do not have to stay after your scheduled shift to finish melting or casting steel. You are not required to tell anyone you do not have relief. You may clock out at 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM when your shift ends without notifying anyone that you are leaving.

If your supervisor tries to convince you to stay past your shift on overtime because of this alleged agreement he is either misinformed or outright lying.

Where are your CBA books, you ask?

Members of the Union Bargaining Committee met with Local HR  on Sept. 30th  to resolve outstanding issues in the wording of the CBA.  This was the 2nd such meeting  where your Union has pointed out the mistakes in the CBA wording  which was been different  than what was signed off on in bargaining.

Evraz has agreed to change the wording, in the majority of the mistakes that were pointed out to them but there are still articles remaining where no agreement has been reached.

It has gotten to the point where the Bargaining Committee  has filed a grievance, went through the grievance procedure, only to have the Evraz Lead Negotiator push for an arbitration ruling.

This is where your CBA books are; waiting for an arbitration date and a subsequent ruling.

The Union will continue to have available copies of ratified language to it’s members.   Please use this as an insert into your orange coloured CBA books.  This package was written word for word as to what was signed off at the bargaining table.  We will continue to hold the company responsible to the article changes as well you should.

We will keep copies at the office for pickup and will continue to leave stacks of them in the change room, at the Hilton.

Health Spending Account

As per article 17.10 of  the  collective agreement,for all employees active on the seniority list who have completed 750 hours in the previous year, Evraz contributes $100 annually to your HSA account. With that being said the $100 form this year will expire on December 31,2015.

CBA Proof Reading Update

On Thursday Aug. 20 members of your Union Executive meet with local HR and the lead negotiator for Evraz.   The Union presented the company with our evidence of changes that needed to be made, to the CBA.  The Company was receptive to most changes.  One article remains contentious to both sides, where no agreement has been made to date.  Article 15.01, and who is entitled to the lump sum payments.  Back in January 2015 and again in August 2015, the Union has filed grievances under this article.  Both members on Long Term Disability and Summer Students received no lump sum payments.


Evraz has express interest in getting these grievances to arbitration as soon as possible for a decision.  The Union is disappointed that an agreement could not be reached.  Especially, since coming out of bargaining so recently with Evraz.

Evraz has stated they intend to have the Regina edits and response to proposals completed by Friday, September 11th.

O&T Pension Statement

It has come to the attention of the Union that some O&T members pension earn back calculations may be incorrect because of an oversight. Evraz management has stated they intend to re issue correct statements to those affected.

Correction on recall Letter from EVRAZ

In the last few days many of the laid off members in Steel were mailed a recall notice from the Comp.  It is incorrect in regards to how many days you have to report to work.  The document said 5 days. 5 is incorrect. You do not have to report for 10 days.

You can request more days if you can establish a good reason like employment commitments elsewhere.

The following is the updated language ratified in January

Article 12.06 Loss of Seniority

If the employee is laid off and fails to return to work when notified to do so or within a maximum of 10 calendar days. If the employee can demonstrate that they have legitimate employment elsewhere and must provide a notice period or in other extenuating circumstances beyond the employee’s control, they may request additional time to return and no reasonable request will be denied. In either case the employee will be notified by the Company by telephone and registered mail to their last known address. A copy will be supplied to the Union.

• Laid off employees are responsible to provide the Company with their current contact information.

Evraz’s use of the Article 12.13

In light of Evraz’s recent implementation of Article  12.13 every member should be reminded that article 15.05 (last paragraph) applies. If you shift is cancelled you do not have to report for work if the Company changes its mind. If you do decide to work a cancelled shift it is at double time rate.

Article 15.05

Reporting Allowance If the work for which the employee was scheduled to report is not available, or if there is no substitute work for him which is within his reasonable capacity to perform, and which is not of such nature as to involve material change in the employee’s working conditions, he shall be paid nevertheless for four (4) hours of work. The rate of pay shall be the standard hourly rate and any shift premium or out-of-line differential that applied. If he refuses such substitute work, he shall not get the four (4) hours reporting pay. If the work for which the employee was scheduled would have been paid for at overtime rates, he shall receive four (4) hours reporting pay at the applicable overtime rate. The Company shall not be liable for reporting pay if it has notified the employee not to report to work at least four (4) hours in advance of his scheduled reporting time, or if the failure to provide work is caused through a natural disaster or power disruption.

If an employee is told not to report to work for his regular shift, the employee will consider that shift cancelled and if he is called to work before his next regular shift, he will be paid two (2) times his hourly rate.


Local 5890 & 6673

 Respecting Our Past, Securing Our Future

Bargaining Up-Date 2014

Dear Brother/Sister,

 The Bargaining Committees of Local 5890, Regina, and Local 6673, Calgary gathered for two days in Regina last week to continue to discuss and prepare for bargaining with the main focus for the group being proposals.

 Some excellent discussions were held between both locals as we work towards building on a Collective Agreement that will continue to be strong and fair once the bargaining process has been completed. Again, we are asking for your full support of both Bargaining Committees and for our issues that we will be brought forward during this process. At this point and time, there has been no specific date set for bargaining to begin.

 Also taking place early last week, members from both of the Local’s Communication Action Teams (CAT) held a one day training session in Regina. There was a high level of energy, participation and sharing of ideas between the CAT teams. This will certainly be very beneficial to all of us as these members will play an important role during the upcoming negotiations. 

 You’re Bargaining Committees are committed to keeping you informed and updated.

 In Solidarity!

 Local Bargaining Committees 5890/6673

Can You Imagine Your Employer Shredding Your Pay Stub?

As most if not all of our membership is aware, the company has decided to start using an Epost system that you must register for in order to obtain your pay stub and T4’s. The only other option they have left available to you is a 21 hour window to pick up a hard copy of your pay stub before each pay day. As well, it is the Union’s understanding that this will be the last year that the the Company will have a hand delivered copy of a T4 sent to your home. Even more disturbing and outright mind boggling is the fact by confirmation earlier today fromthe payroll department, that any remaining pay stubs left in the company’s possession after each pay period will be shredded. That’s right…SHREDDED!

We have a number of obvious concerns and issues related to how the Company is handling and handcuffing you on what we believe is a right to have basic access to your personal work related information, especially concerning a record of your payroll information. The Local is weighing it’s options on how to best respond to this and defend our rights collectively. We will take all actions available and necessary in making sure we protect our members.

In Solidarity!

Arbitrator Holds Evraz to Issuing Fair Discipline

The local was successful at arbitration regarding discipline for Proznick that involved almost all aspects of the definitive KVP decision from 1965. Please read an overview of guide to the 6 rules of  The KVP Award on Company Rules . A three day suspension was removed.

Hopefully this decision will illustrate to Evraz  and its management team that they cannot act in an arbitrary, discriminatory or unreasonable manner when implementing policies and enforcing them.

Here is the decision regarding Mr Proznick      Evraz USW Proznick dis.KVP

Please take the time to read both documents.

Health Spending Account Deadline

As you may or may not be aware the original bargained monies of $375 for the new Health spending account expire on December 31, 2013. The Company released the following memo today explaining the HSA and outlining the plan.

Employees who are actively at work and eligible for benefits on March 31, 2012, would have received $375 in their Health Spending Account.  Under Income Tax guidelines Health Spending credits must be used on eligible expenses by the end of the following year in which they are granted.  This means that the initial $375 must be used prior to December 31, 2013.  If it is not used any outstanding amount will be forfeited from your account.  Attached is a copy of the original memo introducing the program.

 Eligible expenses are defined under the Income Tax Act and can be utilized for yourself and your eligible dependents. These are reviewed by CRA on a regular basis and are subject to change.  Attached is a summary from the CRA website showing what currently eligible expenses are.  You can also visit the website at www.cra-arc.gc.ca and type in eligible Health Spending expenses to get the list. 

 You may claim through the Health Spending Account by completing a medical claim form or submitting a claim online. Please review the user guide to web claims that is attached, you will need to contact Standard Life to set up a user name and password, if this is your first time submitting online.  

If you have questions on your Health Spending Account balance you will need to contact Standard Life.  The number is 1-800-499-4415.  You will need to know your certificate number (Evraz ID# with 3 zeros at the end) and your policy number (15037).

As well please read these documents.

Eligible HSA ExpensesUser Guide Web claim

VIP Room – Claims Submissions Direct Deposit and Health Wellness

Standard Life Medical Claim FormStandard Life Medical Claim Form

CBA Expiry Date One Year Away

What will the next year bring for the members of this local? After yesterdays announcement of 0.00% profit sharing. Layoffs in the last quarter. The clamp down on overtime in recent months and the lack of preventative maintenance in the mills. All apparent cost cutting measures we are witnessing and feeling, are glaring examples of just a few of the band-aid solutions the company is using on the backs of our members because of it’s mismanagement and continued financial troubles.

What’s in store for us as a union? As the company dreams up more cost cutting measures for our next CBA?

One thing is for certain Brothers and Sisters. A year from now, we cannot not and we will not, allow ourselves to even think of accepting anything but a fair and decent Collective Agreement. Don’t tell me that some executive share holder didn’t receive stock dividends this last quarter on your back breaking work. Remember a year from now Brothers and Sisters, remember. We are a world class workforce, that deserves a world class contract.

We will not submit

We will not lie down

We we not roll over

We will not comply without question

We will not go quietly

We will not shut up

We will not sit down

We will stand Up! Fight back!

Solidarity Forever!

Corey Liebrecht, President


Grievances Withdrawn

The following grievances have been withdrawn “without prejudice/precedent” by the local. These were filed on behalf of our members who disputed having their holiday requests denied but have since been approved. The local will continue to monitor holiday requests and we encourage members to contact a shop steward with any concerns regard this or anything else.

0187 Lezon – 0190 Hayter – 0191 Cole – 0192 Kolybaba – 0194 Ellingson – 0195 Gingras – 0196 Yabut – 0198 Brooks – 0199 Kreklewich – 0200 Almero – 0201 D’Anrea – 0202 Jarton – 0203 Sopko

Stand Up! Fight Back!