Locker Replacement

Brother’s and Sister’s

Starting November 20th to the 23rd, the company has plans to do locker replacements over these 3 days. As mentioned before the Union is not participating in this. We will not participate or ask any Union representative to participate in anything that violates OH&S regulations. The company’s communication that they have put out states if lockers are not cleaned out by 7:30am they will be opened by Security with a Union Representative and Management Representative present. This information is false. As stated, this executive will not ask any member to violate OH&S and participate in this.

Your union asked 2 months ago what was going on with the change rooms and parking lot with the large amount of new hires, all to be ignored up until the last week when they wanted the “Unions Assistance”. Well they have been informed that we will not be assisting.

In Solidarity.

Alleged Hot Metal Process Agreement

It has come to the attention of the Union that false facts are being provided to members of 5890. They are being told that there is an agreement between the Union and the Company that if there is hot metal still in process when members shifts end without relief (ex. Layoff) that they are required to work overtime to process left over hot metal.

There is not an agreement of any kind regarding Hot Metal Process. Under Article 9.01 all overtime is voluntary. You do not have to stay after your scheduled shift to finish melting or casting steel. You are not required to tell anyone you do not have relief. You may clock out at 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM when your shift ends without notifying anyone that you are leaving.

If your supervisor tries to convince you to stay past your shift on overtime because of this alleged agreement he is either misinformed or outright lying.

Someone is not paying attention to what was bargained

If you are an O&T member of 5890 please check the recent document that Evraz sent out titled “Strong Rewards”
The Union Exec apologizes to all O&T members with less than 10 years pension service because your pension statement is more than likely incorrect if you have lost pension time
Evraz had taken it upon themselves to interpret the pension buyback program to apply differently than bargained. Most of their unilateral incorrect decisions and interpretations were corrected over the past few months.
But one recent incorrect interpretation only came to light when the Union bargained pension and benefit statement or “Strong Rewards” document was mailed to everyone.
O&T members with less than 10 years service are entitled to the 1/2 year per year of service earnback.
Evraz has stated they will reissue the correct documents to the affected O&T members.
Again please check your reissued statements to make sure they are correct.

Retiree Serving Suspension

Retiring after 22 years of service and what do you get?

To stay home and serve a suspension day in your last two weeks of work that was issued to you back in August of 2014. It begs the questions of what purpose does this serve in suspending this brother now?

Evraz and Employment IInsurance (EI)

Please be aware that Evraz in Calgary has allegedly reported to EI that members of Local 6673 have abandoned their jobs because they became ill on their last day of work before layoff on March 22.

If you become ill in the last week before a layoff please make sure you report the sick day to EI and inquire and report to EI any incorrect information on your record of employment  (ROE) especially box 18.

Steel Layoff and Schedule

For reasons unknown the Company has decided to move the Steel Division weekly schedules and lay off notice from the entrance of the change room building.
Presently the schedules are posted on the bulletin board marked “Tubular Communications” in yellow above the board.
The layoff notice that appears to be for all employees in the steel division is on the bottom right side.
Please check on your status and refer to article 12 for your bumping rights if the layoff does not involve every member.
As well please be careful that the door workers travelling from the plant utilize doesn’t hit you while bent over studying the notice.

Can You Imagine Your Employer Shredding Your Pay Stub?

As most if not all of our membership is aware, the company has decided to start using an Epost system that you must register for in order to obtain your pay stub and T4’s. The only other option they have left available to you is a 21 hour window to pick up a hard copy of your pay stub before each pay day. As well, it is the Union’s understanding that this will be the last year that the the Company will have a hand delivered copy of a T4 sent to your home. Even more disturbing and outright mind boggling is the fact by confirmation earlier today fromthe payroll department, that any remaining pay stubs left in the company’s possession after each pay period will be shredded. That’s right…SHREDDED!

We have a number of obvious concerns and issues related to how the Company is handling and handcuffing you on what we believe is a right to have basic access to your personal work related information, especially concerning a record of your payroll information. The Local is weighing it’s options on how to best respond to this and defend our rights collectively. We will take all actions available and necessary in making sure we protect our members.

In Solidarity!